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Why do many drivers love to sing while driving?

It turned out that drivers feel better and healthier while singing and driving.
Many drivers, especially novices, often want to sing or have pleasant conversations while driving. Scientists have found that the desire to sing may arise subconsciously, in order to gain benefits for mental and physiological health. 

Representatives of science in the field of psychology concluded that drivers feel better health and health while singing and driving . Listening to music contributes to an increase in antibodies in the body, which means that the state of immunity improves. 

Also singing in the car is good for the psyche.. Scientists believe that in this way it is possible to improve the condition after depression and stress. If you sing along with the passenger, there will be an improvement in social communication. Listening to the melody, people are distracted from unpleasant thoughts and switch to positive. 

While singing in a car, the amount of the hormone of joy rises, as if hugging a loved one . According to the psychologist, pleasant music contributes to the development of oxytocin. It is also called the hormone of love. This chemical component causes a feeling of relaxation and peace. It also produces serotonin, which reduces anxiety.

As you know, deep breaths help relieve stress. During singing, they become deeper compared to the usual dialogue, resulting in reduced emotional stress due to stress. 

Singing at the wheel not only improves psychological and physiological health, but also helps the driver not to fall asleep during a long trip and have a good time. However, do not lose concentration while singing and driving, and be sure to follow the rules of the road.
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