» » The habit to fill the bed immediately after sleep is unsafe for health


The habit to fill the bed immediately after sleep is unsafe for health

Recently, experts have made a conclusion that will please all those who are not in a hurry to fill the bed.

Some people prefer to make the bed immediately after lifting, and some - not in a hurry to bring it in order, which often causes resentment among other family members. 

British medical scientists believe that it’s unhealthy to fill your bed right after getting up. According to experts, the bed should be ventilated. 

Sleeping people in their beds create a good environment for habitat and reproduction of pathogens, in particular ticks. 

Immediately after sleeping in bed, it is quite warm and a bit damp, especially if the person sweats heavily (during illness, in hot summer, during the heating season). Harmful microorganisms that feel good in such conditionscan cause allergic reactions, asthma, skin rash . Also increases the risk of infectious eye diseases. 

In order for the bed not to be a breeding ground for bacteria, it is necessary to remove the blanket from it shortly after waking up and air the bedroom well for at least ten to fifteen minutes. 

You also need to change the clothes every week and periodically vacuum the upholstered bed . The blanket, bedspread and pillows should be washed at least several times a year. 

In bed, people are vulnerable to pathogens that love moisture and heat. In order not to harm health, the bed should be regularly aired and hygiene measures recommended by British doctors should be observed.
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