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Found an easy way to prevent cancer

No one is safe from oncology. The disease does not spare either adults or children. Scientists all over the world regularly develop drugs to fight cancer. But many of them have side effects. Recently, experts conducted a study and found a safe way to prevent cancer.
Representatives of science from the United States believe that omega-3 fatty acids reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. In addition, substances inhibit the progression of the disease. 

According to experts, in the process of metabolism of fatty acids, EDP-EA epoxides are produced. These compounds destroy the malignant cells of experimental rodents and inhibit the formation of new tissues susceptible to malignant tumors. 

It was also found that EDP-EA epoxides interfere with the migration of cells with defects and stop the appearance of metastases. 

In order for the body to receive Omega-3 , you need to include in the diet of sea fish, seafood , as well as flax seeds. 

Earlier, scientists found that by modifying cancer cells can destroy malignant tumors. 

Further studies in this direction are planned to continue. However, it is already known that using Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of developing cancer and increase the chance of curing an existing oncology.
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