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Natalia Zemtsova: “It’s hard to find a good cosmetologist as a husband”

The star of the series "Swallow" on the channel "Russia" shared its secrets of beauty.
In our traditional category, the star of the series “Swallow” on the channel “Russia” told why she refused ice cream, how we managed to pump a perfect press in three weeks and what cosmetic procedure helps her to always look good.

- Natalia, you often relax in Spain. How do you take care of yourself in another country, do you visit any local beauty specialists?

- In Spain, I do only massage, but I go to Russian specialists. I got used to my proven masters. If one of them goes on vacation or is sick, I get panic. Our experts are much better than European. I had very bad experiments in Spain. I could go for a manicure, but leave the office with almost the same nails with which I entered. And somehow decided to do a local hairdresser to highlight their blond hair. By the time I lived in Spain for quite a long time, the roots had time to grow, so I decided to “refresh myself”. Of course, worried, because the master is unfamiliar! But she recalled the words of my Moscow hairdresser: “It is difficult to spoil hair by highlighting.” So I spoiled them! I came out of the cabin, like a yellow chicken. Horror! As soon as she arrived in Moscow, that evening she ran to her master.

“You used to be blonde, and now you have dark hair.” What color is more comfortable for you?

- I love to change! I usually shoot when it's dark. And if I have a break in the shooting, I repaint in a lighter color. If it were not for the work, I would change every day: I would dye, cut my hair, even shave. I confess that in a dark color I feel more comfortable. Because with blond hair, I look like a mole, I have to tint my eyes all the time. (Laughs.)
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