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A simple way, like after a stressful situation or an altercation, to improve one’s well-being and mood

Scientists believe that ordinary hugs can improve emotional state after a quarrel or stressful situation.

Stress and quarrels are short-term, but their consequences can last more than one week. Recently, scientists have found a simple and effective way to quickly recover from a stressful situation. 

Scientists from Pittsburgh believe that after a quarrel or a stressful situation, they will improve the embrace of emotional well-being. Even if you do not hug the closest person, the amount of cortisol ( stress hormone) in the body will decrease . The condition of the cardiovascular system, which also gets during stress, will also improve.

For information, experts analyzed the results of previous studies. However, the available information was not enough to find out whether there is a difference between hugs with relatives and just familiar people, there was also little information about the effect of hugs for men. 

To participate in the new study, scientists invited 404 participants from 18 to 55 years. Among them were 217 men and 187 women. 

Every day, volunteers told scientists about their emotional state. They also notified the researchers if they had any quarrels, stresses, or hugs after bad situations. 

In this way, experts found that people who embraced after stressful situations, quickly coped with a bad mood and the effects of stress.

To achieve the effect, it is not necessary to embrace only the closest people. Friends and even acquaintances will do . The positive effect of the embrace the very next day will give a significant effect. 

During the study, scientists noted that women are more likely to conflict and embrace. They also found out that sex and marital status play no role in relieving stress with embraces. 

As it turned out, sedatives, and especially alcohol, are not needed to relieve stress. Hug more often, and the effects of stress will not be terrible. 

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