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Why not work on weekends?

Do you know the constant feeling of tiredness, as well as the feeling that you already have no strength and never will? The whole reason is that you are not resting completely. We will tell you how to get rid of the constant feeling of fatigue.
Sometimes we are not able to relax qualitatively and fully,  not only  on weekends, but even  during the holidays. What is the reason? 

Psychologist from the St. Louis Clinic Helen Friedman declares: "For many people, fear becomes motivation. Fear of lagging behind in work, fear of being replaced, fear of not fulfilling the task assigned to you 100%." As a result of such workaholism and responsibility at work - a syndrome of professional burnout, stress and depression. And on the constant fatigue and can not speak. 

What is the way out then? We will talk about simple ways how to give yourself a full rest, so that during working hours you will give your best.

1. Forget about work while on vacation.

Turn off all phones, notifications and app alerts. Warn your superiors that you will be out of network coverage for a week from your vacation time. Psychologists say that such measures are urgently needed to give your body a complete rest.

2. Organize for yourself a "lazy day"

This is the day when you can do what you most want and like. And this is not an easy task. On the eve try to prepare for this. Fully free yourself from all sorts of working and everyday problems for the next day. When you wake up in the morning, try to understand what you would like to do. Of course, you immediately want to check your work email, make a few business calls, take your shoes for repairs, repair the motor in a washing machine, and so on. Distract yourself completely from such thoughts. Focus on what will allow you to relax and unwind.

3. Take care of yourself

Try to worry less. Any experiences have a bad effect on well-being both physically and emotionally. The body has the ability to gradually accumulate anxiety, fear and irritation. And all this violates the mental state of a person and entails various diseases. 

All of the above ways to take a break from working life really work. Check it out for yourself. And in the comments share with us your relaxation techniques.
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