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List of foods that will inevitably lead to disease

Some products can harm the body immediately, while others are compared to a time bomb. What food is recommended to exclude from your diet if you want to live a long and healthy life?
In the modern rhythm of life, few people think about the benefits and harms of certain foods. In addition, advertising, which works exclusively on the promotion of a particular food, has a great impact on the human psyche. Firstly, we rejoice that ready-made food in packages is cheaper, and, secondly, it is not necessary to spend time on its preparation. Therefore, it turns out that chips, shawarma, fast foods and Coca-Cola almost replace a full-fledged diet. 

At the same time, when people on the Internet do not want to consume salt or sugar, they don’t provide any scientific or medical justification. And, therefore, consumers are beginning to doubt the plausibility of information.

Based on the recommendations of doctors and scientists, we have compiled a list of reasons why people develop serious illnesses due to unbalanced nutrition, and a list of products that can replace harmful snacks.

Causes of Stroke and Heart Attack

Heart problems, strokes and heart attacks around the world are causing malnutrition. If you eat a lot of fat, and especially trans fats, then over time, brain cells begin to break down and the risk of coronary heart disease increases. More recently, people believed that margarine, for example, is better than butter, because it lacks cholesterol. But as it turned out, this is not true. In Denmark, with the ban on the use of trans fats, mortality over 20 years has halved.

Better not to eat:

- margarine and everything that is made of it; 

- pastries in packages, pizza, fast food; 

- chips, crackers and the like.

What is recommended to replace: 

- Baked or olive oil; 

- Cookies, croissants, pizza and sandwiches, cooked at home; 

- Homemade crackers, nuts (peanuts, Greek, etc.).

Causes of Diabetes

This disease has recently been diagnosed in millions of people. Unfortunately, according to the forecasts of scientists, the number of patients by 2025 will double. Moreover, diabetes is not a genetic disease, but develops due to improper diet and lifestyle. Heart problems, obesity, depression and other illnesses also originate from here. 

As you know, the hormone insulin fights with the sugar that enters the body. And when due to malnutrition, there is a lack of it, it leads to the development of diabetes. Some people deliberately consume less sugar to prevent the disease, but few people realize that individual desserts or foods may contain so-called hidden sugar. 

It is better not to eat:

- shop bread; 

- fruit yogurts;

- instant flakes; 

- sweet water and soda.

What is recommended to replace:

- fresh homemade yogurt with fruit; 

- oatmeal; 

- non-carbonated mineral water.

Causes of bowel cancer

Three years ago, scientists attributed red meat, as well as processed, to the list of products that provoke intestinal cancer. Access to this data is still classified, but the necessary information has already been leaked to the masses. 

As it became known, the use of even a small amount of processed red meat will certainly cause the development of malignant tumors in the digestive tract. This is due to the fact that preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes and other harmful chemical ingredients are added to meat products. Experts in the field of medicine recommend to significantly reduce the use of this product. 

It is better not to eat:

- pork meat, beef, sheep; 

- sausage, pate; 

- meat products in packs.

What is recommended to replace: 

- homemade chicken; 

- fish, seafood; 

- olives.

Causes of high blood pressure

This is also one of the serious diseases that people around the world suffer from. The disease does not immediately manifest itself and this is its danger, since myocardial infarction or even blindness can happen at any time. 

Doctors recommend reducing salt intake as a preventive measure. Because of it, the water does not soon leave the body, so swelling occurs and the vessels of the brain are squeezed. To avoid this, you should abandon those most harmful products that contain trans fats. 

It is better not to eat:

- sausages; 

- very salty cheese; 

- chips, crackers and more.

What is recommended to replace: 

- homemade chicken eggs; 

- mozzarella or cottage cheese; 

- dry fruits, homemade crackers, etc. 

If your favorite ones are on the list of harmful products, do not despair - there is always an alternative. The main thing is to have a desire to be healthy, then replacing non-healthy food with useful food will be completely easy.
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