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The potential of the human brain - a myth or reality?

Consider the potential of the human brain, do we really use only ten percent?

Suppose:  “You know that you use only 10 percent of your brain. Imagine what you could achieve if you used the remaining 90 percent !? ”

I am sure that almost all of you, my dear readers, have heard about this theory, perhaps even more than once. Yes, indeed, quite a popular and widespread belief that the potential of the human brain is not used to its fullest, thereby we lose our “superpowers”.

Perhaps for some it will sound like a bold statement, but in fact, this statement is a huge delusion. Believe me, the potential of the human brain is used almost completely. Except when unused areas of the brain are damaged or infected with the disease.

The origin of the myth

Researchers suggest that this is a popular misconception in the  history of the development of psychology as a science , has existed since the early 1900s. It arose, perhaps, under the influence of ignorant people or misinterpretation of neurological research. Another version is the emergence of this myth from the works of the psychologist and philosopher William James. In his 1908 book, The Energy of a Man, he wrote: “We use only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.”

The myth of the potential of the human brain perpetuated, like many other urban legends. But most of all in this situation, it’s pernicious that a lot of modern “super motivators” and teachers refer to this error of ten percent, demonstrating that all people should strive to use their potential completely, this is not the worst. Less well-meaning people use this myth to advertise and sell their products, services that they claim will open up our hidden supernatural opportunities. Article on the impact of society " Introduction to social psychology ."

Dispelling the fallacy of ten percent about the potential of the human brain

Neurologists point out a number of reasons why this ten percent statement is false:

1.Scanning the brain, the image is clearly visible, almost all parts of the brain show activity, even in those that are responsible for speech, motility, hearing.

2. If this statement were true, then people who injured the brain as a result of an accident or stroke would probably not even notice it. But as we see in reality, there is not a single area of ​​the brain which, if damaged, would have no consequences.

3. We would not have developed such a large brain if we used only a tenth of them.

4. The brain uses about twenty percent of all energy in the body. It would be tempting to take a look at the complete work of the brain.

Numerous types of studies and visualization of the brain show that there is not a single region that is in a completely inactive state.

But as we can see, unfortunately, this misconception about ten percent of the activity and potential of the human brain, and remains popular and persistent. It is important to know that human beings really have great capabilities in almost everything, but our brain is only part of the link in achieving our goals.

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