» » Fear and fear of the crowd (okhlofobiya, demophobia)


Fear and fear of the crowd (okhlofobiya, demophobia)

Some people suffer from occlusion or, also called demophobia, crowd fear. Such people feel threatened and it seems to them that they are vulnerable in a large crowd, and therefore, prefer privacy in their own home. The above phobias can be treated and controlled through proper treatment and their own strength. That's about it, we want to talk with you.

It often happens that we feel uneasy among strangers, and there is nothing strange about it. However, some people need a lot of courage to visit places of large concentrations of people. As we have already noted, this fear of a crowd of people, in modern psychology, is known as a common phobia, enochlophobia or demophobia, they manifest themselves in people in the form of severe panic attacks, fainting and other symptoms. But this does not mean that these same people can not be in a room where there are several people, because in a crowd they will feel themselves completely differently.

In addition, this does not mean that the disease does not require a quick medical intervention, because once its symptoms manifest again and again, and later will only develop. In a panic, you can forget about control and do mischief. Therefore, taking the advice of a psychologist will be the right approach to the matter.

An experienced psychologist will prescribe a course of treatment where hypnosis, therapy sessions and anti-stress drugs can enter. One of the methods of treatment offered by psychologists is the idea of ​​making the patient remember all the discomfort that he experiences in a society of many people. As a result of the session, the specialist has the opportunity to analyze these situations and simulate them artificially in the conditions of the cabinet, or under hypnosis. Starting with the least unpleasant situations and ending, the most panicky. This technique will allow the patient to get used to the inevitable development of events and it is easier to endure the period of being on the street. The session can successfully supplement drugs that calm the nervous system and give the patient the opportunity to concentrate the most pleasant things, forgetting about phobia, because pleasant emotions contribute to improving our psychological health.

Of course, you can try to cope with this phobia yourself if the disease is still in its early stages. To begin with, stop visiting crowded places. But this means that you will have to bring about some changes in your lifestyle. We should refrain from visits to theaters, cinemas, marches to concerts and stadiums, when various events take place. In general, you will have to get used to the lifestyle of the introvert. But this method of solving problems is not for everyone. Otherwise, you need to take your will into a fist, and overcome the fear of the crowd.

So, all the difficulties can be overcome by consulting a specialist in this field in a timely manner. Our advice - do not postpone such a visit, especially if all the signs of phobia are on your face.

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