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How to protect the child from ticks

Only the sun will warm, in the parks, squares, in the woods and on the river bank, insects are activated, which can bring a lot of trouble - ticks. They are especially dangerous for children, a walk can end with at least tears and pain, and as a maximum - a hospital and subsequent treatment. Is it possible to protect the child from tick bites?

Today there is a lot of talk about infectious diseases that these small insects suffer and there are reasons to worry. In addition to mites digging into the skin and causing pain, they create unpleasant sensations, they can infect the whole body through the bloodstream.

There is an erroneous idea that ticks live only where there are trees. In fact, their habitat is grass and shrubs. They do not always save clothes from them. These insects creep beautifully, so they get to the most delicate areas of the skin and stick into it, keeping very tightly due to the special composition of saliva. That is why it is easy to remove them from the skin is impossible, if you do not notice it before the parasite adheres.

Ticks pose a threat to the health of the adult body, not to mention the children. They carry dozens of dangerous diseases: encephalitis (the brain is affected, chills appear, the whole body is poisoned, meningitis occurs); borreliosis (the baby begins to complain of a headache, the body temperature rises, a rash appears). If you have such symptoms, then you should not hesitate. Such a disease can lead to disability and even death.

It has already been proven that mites react to the smell and it is because of it that they attack the victim. This means that the application of special anti-tick agents will save the baby from bites. It is only necessary to carefully read the instructions and pay attention, from what age you can apply an ointment or aerosol.

All pathogens are concentrated in the belly of the tick, at first it is outside, and the head digs into the skin. If the insect is seen immediately and did not have time to get deep, then it is not necessary to worry much, the poison has not yet entered the body. In this case, it is necessary to carefully remove the tick and treat the wound on the baby's body.

A real problem for parents can be the removal of a pest from a child’s body. Of course, it is not worth relying on "maybe" in such a case, and if possible, you should seek help from a medical institution. Then you can be confident in the effectiveness of the procedure and its safety.

There are times when a tick bites a crumb away from civilization, for example, in a forest. Then you need to try to pull it yourself. For this, tweezers, tweezers, or you can make a simple loop of thread. One of these improvised means takes a tick for the neck or head. It is necessary to try to approach as close as possible to the skin and gently pull up perpendicularly upwards. The place of the bite should be immediately processed. Upon arrival at the hospital, it is better to donate blood for analysis to make sure that the mite does not infect the infection.

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