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Experts: music has a positive effect on the heart

Favorite music can improve the psychological state, raise the mood, calm the heart rhythm, and also normalize the work of the heart and blood vessels
Scientists from America found that listening to music, which to their liking, positively affects the functioning of the heart and improves the psychological state. 

The organizers of the study proved that pleasant musical rhythms reduce nervous tension, relieve increased anxiety, which in turn reduces the likelihood of pathological processes in the heart. 

For information, 23 experiments were conducted with 1,500 volunteers who have heart disease. 

Participants included different music. As a result, it turned out that the melodies, which the volunteers liked, improved their psychological state, lifted their spirits, calmed the heart rate, and the heart and blood vessels worked normally.

It was also noted that while listening to pleasant music, the pulse begins to beat more slowly, the heart contracts more strongly, the vessels become wider and the body receives more oxygen.
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