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Men's opportunities for men

Money does not happen much. But they are few, not enough, or catastrophically small. Not only students need work-earnings, from time to time every man faces this need
Money does not happen much. But they are few, not enough, or catastrophically small. Not only students need work-earnings, from time to time every man encounters this necessity. When working for the future and expecting an increase, it is tolerated with a modest salary. When he leaves a lucrative post for the sake of his beloved, but not too profitable work. When unforeseen circumstances require investments of funds that are not in the account. In all these cases, we are rescued by the old kind work.
Three win-win options
Holy Trinity specialties that save the wallets are not the first generation of men: a watchman, a loader and a taxi driver. These are options for those who are in good physical shape and are not averse to devote evening hours to additional earnings.
Night watchman - work is dust-free. Often "on the post" can even sleep. You can get settled officially, with taxes and a monthly salary on the card, and you can find a place without obligations in the form of a record in the labor one. Less: from one job you will immediately go to another, the main one. And to fill up the ranks of watchmen, there should be a service in the army or work experience in the defense.
More security guards risk taxi drivers. This profession is considered dangerous, it's not for nothing that the driver in New York always separates the bullet-proof glass from the driver. You never know who will sit in your car. Of course, the usual, hurrying on their business, more passengers, but in the evenings you have to bring up podgulyavshie company. But if you have your own car, one of the taxi services will surely enlist you in the state. Only you decide when you go fishing, and you will work for yourself - the service is put only a percentage of the profit.
If you have your own transport, you do not need to get a taxi driver. Why not become a courier? Among the requirements for these guys, too, often means own car. Although sometimes it is enough to drive skills along with the rights.
The safest  option for employment is a loader . You will earn money, you will also save on a "rocking chair". The loaders take strong guys in good physical shape, and the work is not too onerous. If your main profession is related to mental work, a change in activity will be beneficial. There are a few disadvantages: the paychecks of the loaders are not too high, and it is not a fact that the schedule is suitable for you - it is by no means free.
Non-standard solutions
Students do not refuse the opportunity to earn  advertising flyers, distributors of flyers. But both types of workmanship require a lot of time, and profits bring a small. Therefore, we propose to approach the issue outside the box and become, for example, a distributor of cosmetics. Are you surprised? Do not rush to wave. Indeed, most of the cosmetics distributors are women. But buyers are also women. Belonging to a strong sex will be your trump card. Especially if you work in an office where many girls work.
Do not be afraid to leave the beaten path. If you have a hobby or just a business that you have long wanted to master, they can become a source of additional income. Nothing prevents you from earning money by carpentry or mastering a therapeutic massage.
Finally, let us recall the best friend of modern man: the Internet. Freelancers' exchanges are a wand-rod for people who want to earn money. And on sites like  Trud.com, you can always pick up a couple of jobs for moonlighting . Electronic databases are constantly updated. So do not be discouraged if you do not find the perfect part time job right away!
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