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Chocolate rejuvenates the body and prolongs life

Natural black chocolate contains much more antioxidants than any other food product
British nutritionists have discovered that chocolate will help people find longevity. Cocoa, which is part of this delicacy, not only leads to the normal production of dopamine (known as a pleasure hormone), but also boasts almost the same properties as a number of expensive vitamins. 

According to the researchers, cocoa contains a huge amount of minerals and other substances important for the normal functioning of the body. This also includes magnesium , which is responsible for maintaining the health of bones and contributes to the relaxation of muscles. In addition, the composition of cocoa is a lot of iron and zinc (thanks to the first produced erythrocytes, and the second regulates the process of renewing cells in the human body).

Natural black chocolate contains much more antioxidants than any other food product. It also helps to increase the level of phenylethylamine - this substance is the basis for all neurotransmitters without exception and has a direct connection with the acuity of the mind. When the level of phenylethylamine is stable, high intelligence and youthfulness of the brain persist much longer. 

As a result of research, scientists have discovered so many useful qualities of chocolate that they allowed to use it in small portions almost daily.
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