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What harms health more: cigarettes or a hookah

Many believe that hookah does not harm health in contrast to conventional tobacco cigarettes. On the wave of this thesis some smokers switch from cigarettes to hookah, thinking that it is harmless. Scientists have decided to understand, whether so it actually
Researchers believe that hookahs are unsafe for health in spite of the widespread opposite opinion. 

To obtain information, an experiment was conducted involving 48 people. Volunteers had to smoke a hookah half an hour. At the same time, experts measured their blood pressure, heart rate, and the level of nicotine in the body before and after smoking an ordinary hookah on the water. 

It turned out that after smoking the hookah, the volunteers had increased pressure and heart rate . The same trend is observed in those who smoke ordinary cigarettes . In this way it was found that the hookah is as harmful as ordinary cigarettes. 

Let us recall that earlier a study was conducted in which representatives of science established that smoking can cause loss of hearing. 

As it turned out, there are no harmless ways to smoke. Even steam from electronic cigarettes contains harmful substances. In fact, people switch from one bad habit to another. 

Smoking means are not dangerous unless they are seen in shop windows and do not succumb to the advertising tricks of the manufacturers.
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