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Effective ways of giving up cigarettes

Find some strength in yourself and survive the difficult period of giving up cigarettes with a few tricks.

Almost every hostage to nicotine has made a decision to give up a bad habit once in a lifetime, but often the painful craving for cigarettes is stronger. Find some strength in yourself and survive a difficult period will help a few tricks. 

1. Find a replacement for cigarettes

The habit of reaching for a cigarette is connected not only with psychological, but also with physiological dependence. The body is used to daily receiving its dose of nicotine, and in its absence, there is an abstinence syndrome. Frustration, irritability, anxiety, can make you smoke again. To prevent this from happening, try a nicotine patch, sweets with nicotine, pills or a special chewing gum. If you feel that this is not enough, consult a doctor. He will prescribe medications for you, which will reduce the level of anxiety and help you focus on your affairs.

2. Get support

Tell friends, relatives and colleagues that you decided to quit smoking. Join a support group, register on the forum, talk as much as possible with those who give up this bad habit. A few meetings with a therapist will help you choose the right behavior strategy in the first few weeks after giving up cigarettes.

3. Manage anger

Nicotine helps to relax - if you think so, then you urgently need to find a new way to relieve stress. It can be regular massage, relaxing music, yoga or tea.

4. Remain sober

Any alcoholic beverages enhance the desire to smoke. This is the most common trigger (trigger) of those that force people to again and again reach for a cigarette. For some smokers, the morning cup of coffee becomes a trigger, which for a while should be replaced with tea. Those who have always smoked after eating, it is worth choosing another occupation for this time, for example, brushing your teeth or chewing gum.

5. Take care of cleaning

After smoking the last cigarette, immediately throw out all the ashtrays and lighters. Wash the apartment, rewind the curtains, hand in the carpets to clean the smell of cigarette smoke, which is eaten into things and furniture. If you do not, the smell will remind you again of the habit.

6. Try to throw again and again

A lot of people break down, and start smoking again. Use failures as an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Analyze, because of what you again reached for the cigarette. Choose the day you quit again.

7. Move more

While running, playing football or roller-skating, you do not want to smoke. Any movement will help you to alleviate some of the symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome and at least briefly forget about tobacco.

8. Forget about diets

At the same time, quitting smoking and dieting is a very difficult task. But if you do not follow what you eat, you risk taking a few extra pounds. Try to diversify your daily diet with useful products. Read the literature on healthy food, shopping, learn labels. So you can save your weight.

9. Think yourself of a reward

Quitting smoking, you save money. Count how much you now do not spend on cigarettes for a day, a week or a month, go on a shopping trip in search of a reward for yourself.

10. Remember about health

Non-smoking reduces blood pressure and heart rate. The level of carbon monoxide in the blood will return to normal already during the first day without cigarettes. Find as many facts as possible in the interest of quitting smoking, write what you like on the stickers and post them around the apartment.

Be more determined and do not stop - and you will succeed!

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