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The myth of the safety of electronic cigarettes is debunked

Popular electronic cigarettes are gradually replacing the classic. Moreover, they are not only not considered harmful, but have also become a fashion trend among young people. However, scientists completely refuted the view on the safety of electronic nicotine cigarettes
The experts decided to find out if the really true vaporizers are safe. 

Scientists from Germany believe that the harm to blood vessels from nicotine electronic devices is the same as that of conventional cigarettes , and sometimes the consequences can be even worse. 

To obtain information, an effective study was conducted involving 15 smokers who smoke ordinary cigarettes. The volunteers were divided into three groups. The first group smoked classical cigarettes, the second one - electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, and the third - evaporators without nicotine. 

30 minutes before the start of the study and 2 hours after its completion, the scientists determined the vascular stiffness and pressure of the volunteers. 

After processing the data, scientists came to the conclusion thatafter smoking conventional cigarettes, the elevated pressure was kept for about 15 minutes, and the accelerated pulse was observed for 30 minutes . A group of people who used electronic cigarettes with nicotine, listed indicators were 45 minutes. Also, in the first and second groups, the stiffness of the vessels increased. 

Further research in this direction will continue. However, even now we can conclude that popular electronic cigarettes with nicotine are dangerous for human health. 

In order not to harm your body it is better to gradually give up smoking completely. After all, even in cigarettes without nicotine contain other harmful substances, which also do not benefit the health. 

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