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Scientists found out the cause of bad sleep in a new place

Difficulties in sleeping at a new place are determined by the instinct of self-preservation - they help a person to survive in a place that may be fraught with danger
American experts learned why people find it difficult to sleep in an unfamiliar place. The reason lies in the brain activity: any new place is automatically perceived by the brain as unsafe, and therefore one of its hemispheres remains in active mode for the whole night.
Scientists from the University of Brown, located in the state of Rhode Island, the United States conducted an experiment in which 11 volunteers became participants. All subjects twice spent the night in the laboratory, and experts in the meantime scanned their brains using structural MRI, as well as magnetoencephalography and polysomnography. In addition, as part of the study, everyone slept in headphones, reproducing during the night various sounds.
As a result, almost all volunteers who found themselves in an unfamiliar place had difficulty falling asleep. Specialists found that on the first night the activity of slow brain waves, indicating the depth of sleep, was much lower in the left hemisphere than in the right hemisphere. In addition, it was the left part of the brain that reacted to the sounds in the headphones several times faster and smarter.
According to the authors of the experiment, the difficulties with sleeping in a new place are due to the instinct of self-preservation - they help a person to survive in a place that can be dangerous. So, the left hemisphere of the brain remains vigilant, so that a person immediately wakes up as soon as he finds suspicious signals. The same system works in the world of fauna, including certain species of mammals and birds.
By the way, scientists emphasize that the human brain is simply adaptable. It is for this reason that people who actually live on business trips are not subject to regular sleep problems. In addition, there are kind of lifhaki: in order to deceive your brain before a night in a new place, you just need to take your pillow with you. Also a couple of hours before sleep experts advise to exclude sources of bright light, put aside any gadgets and in any case not to use caffeine.
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