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7 Simple Ways to Meditate

Every day most of us are faced with a lot of various problems. Family cares and affairs, congestion at work, negotiations, business trips ... Such a rhythm of life can pretty much exhaust and disable even the most persistent. We will tell you how, while doing daily activities, we will conduct a relaxing meditation, which will give new strength and energy
Sometimes it is difficult to give yourself enough time to rest and escape from negative thoughts. However, remember that even small rest breaks have a positive effect on health and can help to avoid many diseases. 

We offer you the most accessible ways of rest and relaxation, which are the simplest techniques of meditation. 

1. Walking

Walking in the park or being in the forest, you involuntarily begin to meditate. It is nature that charges us with vigor, energy and gives us strength. We are surrounded by green trees, flowers. We hear the rustling of leaves and the singing of birds. It is at this moment that your attention is focused on the beauty around, and you live a real moment. 

Council. Wander in the nearest square. It is advisable, if there is time, go away from the city bustle and noise. Deep breathe fresh air, filled with the scent of flowers, greens and grasses. Feel how it fills your lungs. Listen to the rustling of nature surrounding you. Pay attention to your muscles. Feel your own body. Thus, you practice awareness.

2. Rhythmic dance

Dance is one of the active types of meditation. A quick, energetic movement relaxes a person. At the same time you rest not only physically, but also spiritually. Your attention is focused on the emotional state, mentally distracting from all negative. A vivid example of dance - meditation is the Sufi ritual dance of dervishes "Sama". The participants of this dance revolve around their axis, accompanied by special music and enter a state of trance. 

Council.Any dance can be used for quick meditation. Close your eyes and relax. Slowly get a nose out. Put on quick instrumental music. The words in the song will only distract. Drop all unnecessary thoughts. Dancing, improvise, as you like. You can loudly sing and even scream. Completely dissolve in music and dance. Then it is desirable to lie in silence with your eyes closed.

3. Stretching the body

When you sit at the computer for a long time, there is a desire to stretch and stretch your neck and back. After that, immediately the feeling of heaviness and stiffness in the body goes away. It is the stretching that makes it possible to catch a moment to feel your body. 

Council. Choose a quiet place. Under melodious instrumental music or singing birds start stretching the upper body. Pay attention to each muscle group. In this case, follow the breath and feel how all the muscle groups relax. Do the stretching slowly, move smoothly and slowly.

4. Concentration on nutrition

Many of us watch TV while eating, read or sit at the computer. However, a person does not realize that he eats. Does not feel the taste of food and its smell. But a conscious diet not only calms the nervous system, but also prevents overeating. To please yourself even from a small portion of a dish, it is advisable to concentrate on your taste sensations. In addition, if we eat slowly, our body is saturated faster. 

Council. We advise you to perform a simple exercise. Pick up an apple. Pay attention to its color and shape. Feel its aroma. Having bitten off an apple from a piece, slowly chew. Feel its texture and taste. Try to concentrate on your taste sensations. If you repeat this exercise twice, you will feel like you were only one apple full. At the same time, you will not only enjoy the food you eat, but also get a large portion of meditation. 

5. Hobby of drawing

Drawing, like any other kind of creativity, is the best way to express yourself. Drawing can be done absolutely by everyone. It is drawing that affects our feelings and gives us an opportunity to escape from everyday problems and relax.

Council. An excellent way to meditate in the process of drawing is to enroll in a master class and learn the basics of art from real professionals. By the way, now in Kiev is a  master class in oil painting. The teacher is a professional Spanish artist Mario Rojas Kolomiets. You can register for a master class here . Feel like a real artist.

6. Daily worries

In real life, we do not even suspect that we meditate daily, that meditation is a habitual thing for us. We clean the house, take a shower, wash. And if we consciously approach these actions, we can get great pleasure and benefit from this. 

Council.  While cleaning in the apartment, focus on the idea of ​​cleanliness and order after cleaning. And in the morning, when washing, pay attention to the sounds of running water, feel the cleanliness and neatness of your body. Breathe in the aroma of the morning freshly brewed tea or coffee. Try to use this technique in your daily activities.

7. Alternating breathing through the nostrils

As a rule, a person breathes at once two nostrils. This is our habitual way of breathing. However, if you have a desire to meditate, pay attention to alternating breathing through the nostrils. This method of respiratory practice in Indian yoga is called Nadi Sadhan. This is a simple and at the same time the most powerful technique. Alternating breathing is very beneficial for health, it relaxes well and distracts from negative emotions.

Council. Close the right nostril, gently and completely inhale through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. Then inhale through the right nostril. Close the right nostril and exhale through the left. Continue by changing your nostrils after each breath. 

Each of the listed techniques is available to each of us. They will help make your life more interesting and conscious. We recommend to use them daily, doing ordinary and usual things.
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