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Want to live longer - rest, as much as possible

As it turned out, the duration of vacation can affect the life expectancy. And those people who rest more than three weeks a year - live longer than those who give less time to leave
During the congress of the European Cardiology Society, scientists said that a long vacation helps strengthen the cardiovascular system and prolongs life. 

Representative of the University of Helsinki T. Strandberg conducted a special study involving more than 1,200 men. The observation was conducted in two groups. In the first - men led a healthy lifestyle, but rested less than three weeks for a whole year. Unfortunately, they died almost 40% more often than men from the second group, who also adhered to a healthy lifestyle, but rested longer. In the second case, men's life expectancy was not affected. 

As a result, the scientists came to the conclusion that the time allocated for rest is of great importance for any person.During the vacation, heart work improves, the probability of stress decreases, which means that life is prolonged.
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