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Syndrome of absence of leave

This is the name of the new disease, which, despite its innocent name, can be very dangerous.
This is the name of the new disease, which, despite its innocent name, can be very dangerous. Among its consequences are heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other serious health problems. Moreover, the life expectancy of people who suffer from this syndrome for a long time is less than that of chronic alcoholics! And it's very easy to earn this cute syndrome: it's enough for a few years to forget about vacation and turn into a classic workaholic. There is also a second way: always take a mobile phone and laptop on vacation and try to do everything so that colleagues at work do not notice your absence.  

Until recently, most residents of Ukraine, the lack of vacation could not arise by definition. Already something, and his legal month of vacation safely skipped almost everything! And few people for this longed for a month on some beach thought about work in general came to mind. What kind of mobile phones with laptops! 

Alas, times have changed and now very many residents of large cities, especially those with their own business, are gradually turning into the most notorious workaholics, working not only without holidays, but often even without days off. Accumulated fatigue gradually turns into chronic stress, and he goes into this very syndrome. 

The only thing we can calm ourselves down today is this: we all do this quite voluntarily. In any case, Ukrainian labor legislation is guarding our interests, but for example, Americans have to rely only on the mercy of the employer and on the terms of their contract. So, it is no coincidence that the term "absence of vacation" itself appeared in the USA. 

America is a country of workaholics. 

This fact is absolutely undeniable! Judge for yourself: the average vacation in the US lasts just a little more than 10 working days! At the same time, there are no legislative norms governing the duration of leave. It all depends on the terms of the contract, which is signed by the employer and the employee.  

The length of leave in the United States depends on many factors: the status of the employing organization (public or private), the position occupied by the employee, the duration of his work in the organization, the US region, etc.  

For example, according to data obtained by the research firm Scarborough Research based on a survey of residents of Washington, 11% of Washington residents rest no more than 1 week per year. 31% have a two-week vacation, 22% have three weeks, and 18% have four weeks. 18% of Washington residents rest five or more weeks a year. This is explained by the fact that Washington has a large number of federal authorities, whose employees are guaranteed three weeks of paid leave.  

And what about the others? 

Fortunately, in the rest of the industrially developed countries of the world, business with leave is not so sad. According to the World Economic Policy Institute, the Swiss are supposed to rest 32 working days, Danes, French, Austrians and Spaniards - 30, the Irish - 28, Japanese and Portuguese - 27, Portuguese and Dutch - 25, Belgians - 24, Norwegians - 21, Germans - 18 .  

As there is a lack of holiday syndrome? 

Opinion polls show that most people would like to rest more, however, in the list of main priorities long vacation is much inferior to such indicators as the size of wages, the availability of health insurance, the quality of work, etc.  

Because of rising unemployment in most developed countries, hired workers are in most cases ready to completely sacrifice leave so as not to lose space. What can we say about people having their own business? They have every working day on their account!  

As a result of numerous studies and surveys in the United States, a special term appeared: "absence absence", which is considered the cause of many diseases. Dr. Stephen Lamm, author of "The View" writes: "Constantly getting stress at work and not being able to fully relax, you literally poison your body." He is under the influence of carcinogens, capable of causing heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other serious health problems". Diana Fassel, author of "Working until we die," came to the conclusion that the life expectancy of an American workaholic is inferior to the life span of a person who abuses alcohol. The American psychosomatic society conducted a special study on the absence of vacation syndrome, and came to the conclusion that,  

The problem is also that, even breaking away, finally, on vacation, some people can not rest. The management of many companies asks them to be in constant contact with their office. The presence of mobile phones, laptops and the Internet greatly facilitate this task and allow you to work wherever and whenever you want. But even so, many feel guilty, leaving the workplace and going to rest. 

What to do? 

Never and under no pretext can not refuse to leave! 

Many of us, when going on vacation, begin to imagine apocalyptic pictures of what can happen at work during their absence (the tax inspection will come, the secretary will confuse important documents, suppliers will delay the shipment of the goods, the chief accountant will go to a competing firm, etc.). ). We strongly advise instead of all this to imagine what will happen to your health if you deprive it of a legitimate rest. Believe me, in comparison with the possible (including, and remote) consequences of this, even the tax police will seem like a child's play! 

On holiday, try to completely forget about work 

For many, this task is absolutely impossible. Meanwhile, vacation in an embrace with a mobile phone and a laptop can easily be equated to its total absence! You simply change the surrounding landscape from office walls to the interior of a hotel in a fashionable resort. But you will not rest! The best option is to go where the mobile does not accept, and it is impossible to connect to the Internet. There are many options: from the Ukrainian wilderness with untouched nature to a secluded tropical island. Then the labor impulse will simply disappear by itself.  

Do not split up the vacation "into pieces" 

If the duration of your vacation is about a month, it can be divided into two parts (2 weeks each), but it is better not to do it. Scientists believe that a full rest is only possible if you are on vacation for at least three weeks. But a week's vacation does not make any sense at all. The maximum that you have time - it's to sleep. But there is no need to talk about any full rest and stress removal! The fact is that just in order to rebuild from the working regime on vacation, our body needs at least a week. 

To rest - means to completely change the line of business 

Many refuse to leave, claiming that they simply do not have the time and the desire to sacrifice a month of their lives for roasting under the southern sun. But who said that you need to rest this way? The main pledge of a good rest of the body is a complete change in the type of activity. That is, if you are sitting in a stuffy office from morning till night, you should combine rest with physical activity (be it active sports or excavation of country cottages). If the whole year you wear a shuttle - on vacation it is on the contrary to slow down the pace and take a horizontal position. In any case, at the beginning of the holiday is a good sleep. This will help the body to quickly exit from the habitual state of stress and begin to fully rest. 
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