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Camping helps to improve health

People who prefer to spend weekends outside the city, feel much better than those who spend free time in urban areas
A trip to nature, as well as to the countryside, has a favorable effect on the general condition of the entire human body. 

Specialists from the American University of Oregon came to the conclusion that those people who prefer to spend weekends outside the city (in the country or in the countryside), feel much better than those who spend free time in urban areas. They feel much better both physically and mentally. 

These conclusions were made by analysts as a result of a large-scale poll. About four and a half thousand inhabitants of the Puget Sound region, located in Washington, were involved in the survey. In order to give a complete and reliable assessment of the physical and emotional state of the respondents, analysts have developed 13 various factors. Each factor must affect the state of a person in one way or another. For example: the psychological load on fresh air, the mood of a person in nature, the physical state after walking, the auditory perception of singing birds, the rustle of leaves and so on. 

More than half of the participants in the experiment told that the country walk had a huge impact on them. They began to feel much better:the physical condition was better, there was cheerfulness and a supply of energy for the whole working week, the emotional experiences and excitement subsided, the consciousness was unloaded. As most volunteers stated, many people rested not only physically, but also morally. 

As psychologists say, regular stay and rest in nature can completely relieve a person from depression, stress and experience. But it is worth remembering that the obligatory factor is the presence of moderate physical activity during the stay in the fresh air.
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