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Dreamwave speakers - must have every lover of outdoor recreation

Recently we, being in nature, tested three portable speakers: Dreamwave Survivor, Dreamwave Elemental and Dreamwave Tremor. In today's article, we want to share the results with readers
In modern life rhythm, the time spent on rest is priceless. At such times, you want everything to be fun, including gadgets. 

Recently we, being in nature, tested three portable speakers: Dreamwave Survivor, Dreamwave Elemental and Dreamwave Tremor. In today's article, we want to share the results with readers. 

Dreamwave Survivor

The design of the column already at first glance is associated with outdoor recreation

There are things that already at first glance cause associations with outdoor recreation. The design of the column as if asking: "Take me on vacation with me!". 

The columns are presented in two colors: graphite and green.

This design is perfect for stylish men, and especially for those who love the style of the military. With Dreamwave Survivor on any vacation, whether it's a picnic, a beach party or a hike, its owner will be in the spotlight. 

Filling Dreamwave Survivor 

- Wireless connection using Bluetooth. 

- Connectors 3.5 mm device, USB. 

- The input power is 30 watts. 

- The power of the speakers is 20 to 60 watts. 

- A port is provided for charging other devices. 

- The case is made of metal and durable plastic. 

- Bluetooth codec aptX. 

- Rechargeable Li-Ion battery. 

- The device is equipped with a lantern 110 Lumens with an SOS signal. 

Answer the incoming call. 

- Function of NFC. 

The weight of the column is 4.6 kg. To make it comfortable to wear, a comfortable, durable aluminum handle is provided, which does not slip in the hands, which is important for outdoor recreation.

Dreamwave Survivor - the first column in the world, able to charge the car battery

Portable column Dreamwave Survivor has a unique function - charging the car battery (jumper starter). 

You can listen to the music played by Dreamwave Survivor all day at the party, and then also charge the car battery with it. Its powerful 12,000 mA battery will be enough to charge a car with a seven-liter engine and V8. To charge the car battery, a special cable with terminals is provided in the speaker package. 

Incredibly realistic sound, comparable to the melody of nature

The melody of nature is the rustle of the wind, the surf of the wave, the sound of rain and the kaleidoscope of sounds of representatives of the fauna. The Dreamwave Survivor speaker is also capable of reproducing a deep and realistic sound, comparable to the music of nature. 

As we have already said, the power of the device is 30 watts. If you want to be able to hear only your music in nature, just turn on the speaker at full volume. 

Protection from adverse environmental factors

The column is reliably protected from water, snow, dust and sand. The body of the device can withstand mechanical stress. The protection level of the IPX5 device. This means that it is not afraid of getting water from all sides, but immersing it in water, checking for strength, is still not worth it. 

Powerful flashlight makes rest even safer

The column Dreamwave Survivor provides a powerful and at the same time a flashlight. It can illuminate the road for a distance of up to 120 meters. This is a good option for both a picnic and travelers, which the night caught on the road. 

Another advantage of the flashlight is the ability to signal the SOS. If an emergency occurs (for example, you lost your way in the mountains, in the forest), you need to activate the signal to signal the rescuers about their whereabouts. 

It can be said without exaggeration that this column model is an excellent help not only for entertainment, but also for emergencies. No wonder it is called "Survivor" (translated from English survivor, survivor). 

Dreamwave Elemental

Stylish design for stylish men

The manufacturer offers two variants of colors Dreamwave Elemental: fully graphite color and graphite + khaki. Both options are an excellent choice for strong and stylish men. 

The design of the speaker is symmetrical, laconic and truly masculine. In the lower part of the body there are legs to support the device securely. To make the column easy to carry, the design is complemented by a solid and sturdy handle. 

Filling Dreamwave Elemental

- A capacious battery of 12000 mAh. 

- 3.5 mm TRS connector. 

- Protection against ingress of water IPX5. 

- Bluetooth connection. 

- LED flashlight with a capacity of 110 lumens. 

- Working time up to 14 hours. 

- Hi-Fi sound. 

- Ability to charge gadgets. 

Weight Dreamwave Elemental 3.3 kg. This is less than the weight of Dreamwave Survivor. Therefore it is more convenient to carry it with you. 

Not just music, but pleasure! 

The speaker reproduces an incredibly clear and deep sound. The maximum power is 30 watts. Even at full volume, the sound will not lose quality. 

This is an excellent option for an incendiary party in nature. 

Useful additional functions

The column is well protected from moisture and dirt. With her nothing will happen, if it suddenly falls into a spray of water or sand. 

No less useful is the LED flashlight. It illuminates the road for 120 meters and is capable of delivering an emergency SOS signal. Without recharging, the Dreamwave Elemental column can work for as long as 14 hours. 

This column undoubtedly brightened up our evening! 

Dreamwave Tremor

In the style of a party in any nature.

At first glance the Dreamwave Tremor column is associated with an incendiary party in nature - on the beach, in the forest. 

The manufacturer offers two deep and natural colors - green and graphite. Both versions of Dreamwave Tremor complement the green-brown soft strap for carrying the device on the shoulder. The control buttons are located at the top of the case.

Filling Dreamwave Tremor

- Modules Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. 

- Power of the device is 50W. 

- Incredibly capacious 20800 mAh battery. 

- If one column is small, connection to the second Tremor device is possible. 

- Working time is up to 18 hours. 

- Ability to charge other devices. 

- The weight of the device is 5.7 kg. 

- Bluetooth codec aptX. 

Realistic sound Hi-Fi

Thanks to advanced technologies, the speaker reproduces the sound as the performer intended it. Any distortions are minimized. Even at a maximum power of 50 watts, the sound will be quality and pleasant on hearing. 

What else is interesting and useful in the column Dreamwave Tremor?

Thanks to a capacious battery, the column can work up to 18 hours. There is no other such column that can play longer and louder than this model. In the column is built-in LED flashlight, indispensable in nature at night. 

Portable columns Dreamwave successfully passed testing in nature. They gave all present quality music throughout the rest, lit our camp in the dark, and in the morning Dreamwave Survivor charged the car's battery. From the sand, water and smoke from the fire, the devices were not affected. 

We recommend Dreamwave portable speakers to everyone who loves hiking, picnics and parties in nature at any time of the year.
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