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The most stylish foreigners of the past year (Part 2)

In today's article, we continue to rank the most stylish foreigners
They are  famous, successful, talented and stylish. We offer you a selection of the most stylish men who, with their appearance, cause real delight in women. The ability to dress these men could serve as an example to everyone. 

In today's article, we continue to rank the most stylish foreigners in 2017. 

Jude Law

British actor of cinema and theater Jude Law loves elegant images, complemented by a twist. For example, he adds a suit with a small neck scarf and a black hat. Under the jacket, he can wear a black T-shirt.

Daniel Craig

His name is associated with James Bond by default. But in real life, Craig is a completely different style. He prefers cozy cardigans, scarves, jeans and Nike. In such an image it is not easy to imagine the elusive scout MI6.


American DJ and producer under the pseudonym Diplo now and then notice the mixed up in the scandals: then from him comes a flurry of criticism for bad PR companies, then he blames colleagues for plagiarism. However, his style always remains impeccable. Diplo has never been mistaken in the choice of outfits.

Marc Newson

Australian designer Marc Newson is a vivid example when creative activity extends to many spheres. He is a successful designer in the aircraft industry, furniture industry, goods, jewelry. And, of course, his taste is impeccable in the selection of clothes, especially suits, differing in brightness and expressiveness.

Luke Evans

Welsh actor and singer Luc Evans successfully combines clothes, creating stylish images. He looks equally well in an official suit with a dark tie, and in an elongated tweed jacket with a blue turtleneck.

Idris Elba

The popular British film actress Idris Elba is in no hurry either to deny or confirm rumors about his future role as an agent 007. However, Bond-style suits sit on him as if they were poured in, especially Burberry trench.

Gaspard Ullle

The French have always been known for their flawless knowledge in fashion, and the actor Gaspar Houllier is no exception. His image is imbued with Parisian motives. Looking at him, I want to dress the same way. Gaspar successfully combines minimalism and well-known clothing brands, among which Chanel most often prefers.

Andrea Pirlo

Experts in fashion have never shown an Italian football player a red or yellow card for unsuccessful images. It's because Andrea Pirlo always looks perfect. Even a formal three-piece suit on it will sit as casual.

Killian Murphy

The winner of the MTV film award, the best movie star, likes romantic images, unlike his characters. The Irish actor with expressive blue eyes prefers not sharp peaks, as in the eponymous film, but knitted hats. He also wears striped sweaters, narrowed jeans and perforated shoes with pleasure.

Tom Hardy

In sneakers and jeans, the English actor of theater and cinema can not be recognized. But when he puts on a suit without a tie and with unbuttoned top buttons on his shirt, it turns into the most real gangster from the 1920s. 

Vincent Cassel

Ex-husband of Monica Bellucci Vincent Cassel prefers elegant French chic with elements of bruising. During last year's Cannes Film Festival, he was recognized as the best in choosing the everyday image.  

Nicholas Holt

English actor Nicholas Holt can look perfect. To him equally well goes and a tuxedo, and a tanned jacket from Burberry, and caps Rebel. His images are appreciated even by fashionable critics. 

Michael Fassbender

The Irish movie and theater actor prefers an elegant and formal dress code. When he wants to create an informal image, he puts on a trousers and a jacket with a shirt or a shirt with unbuttoned upper buttons. Such a bow is often supplemented with sunglasses.

Farrell Williams

American singer, rapper and producer Farrell Williams is well acquainted with the fashion guru - Karl Lagerfield. Having received unlimited access to Chanel, he creates bold informal images. In his wardrobe there are checkered pants, pink sweaters, jeans with scuffs and shortened jackets.  

David Beckham

The sports career of English footballer David Beckham for many years went parallel to the fashion world; and it's not just his stylish wife Victoria Beckham. Footballer and himself addicted to stylish images. In addition, he recently became one of the owners of the brand Kent & Curwen.  

Lewis Hamilton

British racer Lewis Hamilton feels in the fashion world no less confident than on the racetrack. At parties and festive events, it can be found in costumes from Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain.

Thomas Carlisle Ford

Once an American designer and film director admitted that he was walking around in a cowboy style. But it's hard to believe, because Thomas Carlisle Ford is associated with costumes, and the costumes are associated with him. 

Wes Anderson

American director, screenwriter, actor and producer Wes Anderson prefers interesting combinations in clothes with notes of shebbie-chic. In the studio, he often asks to make sleeves or pants shorter. Also Wes Anderson loves colorful socks and a combination of stripes and cages.

Ryan Gosling

Canadian film actor Ryan Gosling, journalists are often caught in airports. But even after the flights, his image remains impeccable. He looks equally stylish in three-piece suits, and in jeans with T-shirts.

Tom Hiddleston

Tomas Hiddleston, a British actor and laureate of the Golden Globe Award, always looks perfect in any situation. He knows how to choose not only costumes, but also colors, which often include shades of blue and red.  

Benedict Cumberbatch

Laurence Olivier and Emmy Award winner Benedict Cumberbatch, who played the role of Sherlock Holmes, prefers classical tuxedos Ralph Lauren or Alexander McQueen. Also, you can see him on the red carpet in a stylish three-piece suit.

Jared Leto

Always young-looking rock musician and actor Jared Leto (and he is 45 years old) does not cease to amaze with extravagant, but stylish and successful images. Then it comes out in a silk bomb with flowers and butterflies, then in a cardigan with embroidery in the form of flowers.  

Eddie Redmayne

British movie star Eddie Redmain knows how to look spectacular on the red carpet. The actor claims that he does not have a stylist, and his wife sometimes makes adjustments to the image. It suits well from Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen.


Reper of Canadian origin Drake does not allow oversights in his images. If on stage he performs in a typical reper dress, then at solemn and official events he comes in elegant suits, often with a butterfly or a tie.

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