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Top-7 items autumn wardrobe

The secret of a successful wardrobe of the autumn season is not only in the right basic things and trendy novelties, but also in gadgets "with a character."

The secret of a successful wardrobe of the autumn season is not only in the right basic things and trendy novelties, but also in gadgets "with a character." We have chosen 7 wardrobe items that will live with you long fashion-life not because of its luxury or special relevance, but simply because they are  right, special, and they have that zest.

Steady soldier - a summer blaser

It is difficult to give the name of a thing that is rather negligent, but at the same time it looks elegant, made of natural material, but it does not crumble too much, is brutal, but not devoid of foppishness. After all, this is exactly what you are always looking for to wear in the spring! Perhaps it is a summer jacket made of flax and fine wool in a discreet cage.

Watch with adventurous character

It's hard to believe, but the wristwatch came into wide use only at the beginning of the 20th century. The first "trend" was picked up by the most adventurous men of those times: navigators, pilots, soldiers. In short, those who had no time to mess around with the chains and hide the watch in the breast pocket. Wrist watches with a classic design on a leather strap are the best reminder of those harsh times and are always relevant.

Casual chic sports bag

We are all accustomed to accessories made of soft leather or the most delicate suede. Or maybe it's time to think about simple materials? A bag of rough cotton is a good summer alternative to fine leather: less luxury, but not less style.

Khaki as part of fashion history

In recent years, mods completely forgot about hacks, completely switching their attention to another "working" material - denim. If your wardrobe has already accumulated with a dozen jeans and you want something special for each day, then there is a need to buy pants khaki. Perhaps it will be something classic, or maybe you will stop picking on the cargo - a lot of pockets, rough fabric, baggy cut. Solve and decide.

The shabby luxury of polo t-shirts

A polo shirt with a miniature logo of a famous brand is a bourgeois classic, but sometimes you want it to be less stiff and "have a sense of humor." Find a model with the effect of scuffing, which looks as if you were carrying it to the beach, were exposed to rain - in a word, could not part for a second.

The saturated life of a leather jacket

It makes no sense to say once again that buying a leather jacket is an excellent fashionable investment. Everyone knows: the longer you wear a leather jacket, the better it looks! Do not forget one thing: there are the right leather jackets, and there are not very "such-as-necessary". The first has a fundamental difference: the skin is so good that the jacket weighs nothing at all. It is important.

Unbearable lightness of summer shoes

Some shoe brands know the secrets of successful summer shoes. After all, in fact, we need so little: that the shoes are very light, so that they are not hot and that they are equally suitable for formal and informal events. Look for shoes made of thin leather with a soft, flexible sole, not similar to the thickness and firmness of the tire.

Enjoy the shopping!

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