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Men's clothing that irritates girls

Not only do women have fancy wardrobe items that are beyond the understanding of men. A strong half of humanity also has a lot of things that irritate girls. 

About these men's wardrobe items, which women do not like so much, we will tell in today's article.

Excessively deep cutout on a jacket or a T-shirt

V-neck cut will make the image sexy and stylish, but everything is good in moderation.A deep neckline is associated with bad taste and looks vulgar. 

Very short shorts

Shorts above the knees by many women are not perceived, let alone very short.It's one thing to admire the slender, smooth female legs in short shorts, but here are the bare, hairy men's legs girls do not attract. 

T-shirts with screaming inscriptions or trite jokes

Such a subject of wardrobe girls perceived as a primitive way to attract attention. It is better to wear a regular or branded T-shirt than "to carry on yourself" someone's slogans and thoughts.

Flip Flops

It is advisable to train flip flops only on the beach, in the sauna or in the pool. In the city, such shoes look out of place. Another taboo is to put on slates for jeans or trousers.

Waistcoat without a classic suit and shirt

To bring a twist to your image, men wear classic vests on T-shirts and sweaters.However, the girls consider this combination unattractive.It is advisable to wear a waistcoat over a shirt under a classic suit.

Belts with ornate badges and decor

A belt with a large plate decorated with richly decorated or with a logo is a long-timeless trend.Instead, it's better to wear a classic brown or black belt that will hold your pants.

Baggy elegant suit

The suit will make any man stylish and elegant.But only if he is sitting on a figure.Baggy version, despite the fact that it was worn by even the stars, will not cause the girls admiration. 

Pink things

Pink color has long crept into the men's wardrobe.However, women consider him their own, not perceiving a strong gender in pink clothes. 

Very tight jeans

The women said "Yes!" Narrowed at the bottom of the men's pants.Nevertheless, tight-fitting trousers look repulsive and unattractive.They resemble women's leggings. 

Abundance of ornaments

A lot of jewelry does not go to men or women.It is enough to put on one or two products, and the image will change for the better.

Explosive combination: sandals and socks

Under no circumstances should you combine sandals with socks.And, despite the fact that on some fashion shows the models go to the podium in socks with sandals, in everyday life it will look ridiculous.Take care of the female psyche, and the male too. 

Finally, we want to add that the key factors in choosing a wardrobe are unchanged - well-maintained appearance and clean, neat clothes.Give up the old, even your favorite clothes, as well as things that are clearly not the size.This approach to their image will be appreciated by any woman.

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