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The most actual trends of men's shoes for the autumn-winter season 2018/19

In the footwear collections of eminent brands, high-quality tailored, comfortable but at the same time extremely stylish, elegant and original novelties
This year, eminent designers decided to make a great accent on men's shoes: on the world catwalks appeared a huge number of different shoes, chelsea, sneakers, classic shoes and half boots in a variety of variations. Leaders of Fashion Houses have taken care that this season, every man could choose not only a quality and comfortable, but also an extremely stylish couple, harmoniously emphasizing his image. 

One of the main tendencies of autumn-winter 2015/16, the absolute comfort of fashion has made it to almost every corner of both women's and men's wardrobes, having a tangible impact on all other trends. In the footwear collections of eminent brands, high-quality, tailored, comfortable but at the same time extremely stylish, elegant and original novelties are in the lead. MEN's LIFEchose the most relevant models of men's shoes, without which in this season is absolutely certain to not do. 

Old good classic 

From classic models at peak of popularity winter men's boots with rounded noses: such variants are usually made of genuine leather or suede, and inside are insulated with the help of natural wool or tsigeyki. Most fashion brands carefully process these models with a special solution that is able to protect natural suede and skin from contaminants. 

In addition, designers offer to pay attention to the classic shoes, complemented by a decor in the form of buckles or hladiki. Do not forget about the usual lacing - today it is relevant, like never before. 

Sports, Sports, Sports 

Sneakers in this season are still relevant, but this time the designers decided to experiment a little with the design. So, at the peak of popularity in the coming winter will be elegant sports models made of high-quality leather (in the period of slush and high humidity this moment acquires special importance). Often, such shoes are equipped with zippers or velcro, and also decorated with prints and various decor items. 

For connoisseurs of originality, popular brands have released the same models, the main material for which are suede, nubuck and even textiles with a variety of graphics solutions and textures. This is not as practical as in the case of genuine leather, but it is suitable for dry weather. 

Separately it is necessary to note youth boots on thick textured soles - this shoe model has an ideal wear resistance and can boast of really excellent quality. Such sports shoes included almost every brand in their collections, taking care that the men were in absolute comfort even in severe frosts, heavy cold rains or prolonged icy slush. 

Non-standard solutions 

For those wishing to supplement their wardrobe with unusual footwear novelties, deserters and chelsea will be an excellent solution. True desert boots can only be made from suede, solely on a crooked sole and only with two pairs of holes for laces. If you meet shoes of an absolutely identical shape - leather, leather or rubber soles, then know - they should be called chukka boots. Chelsea are medium-height shoes with rounded or sharp noses, characteristic of which are rubber inserts on the sides. In the current autumn-winter season, leather and suede chelsees made in rich color will be very popular. 

In addition, all the same popular military boots referring to the style of military, and charismatic cowboy boots, which can bring into the image of a very piquant zest. 

Irreplaceable boots

When fashionable world is ruled by comfort and convenience, it is simply impossible to bypass the men's half-boots: this model is distinguished by its uncommon practicality, as well as a variety of designs and styles. Connoisseurs of sports decisions will certainly like the models of half-boots on a thick sole, while classical lovers will appreciate more elegant options with a neat rounded or sharp nose and a low square heel. In addition, the eminent fashion houses have demonstrated models with a massive practical sole, lacing and half boots with both a wide and narrow, fitting bootleg. 

Decor, shades, graphic solutions 

Despite the fact that the autumn-winter season is associated with dull and muted hues, this year the designers decided to bring a positive note to the man's fashion, decorating some models of shoes in bright and rich colors. Of course, classical black, brown, gray and beige colors are still relevant, but now blue, burgundy, red and even yellow shades actively compete with them. Bright colors no longer look ridiculous: shoes, losers, chelsea and other variations, performed in a rich palette, will be the perfect accent of the most restrained and dull image. 

As for the prints, the leader in the men's fashion still remain animalistic and graphic, but this season they were supplemented with a floral one. In addition, at the top of the fashionable Olympus abstraction, colorblocking and the image of different inscriptions. 

Also this season, the decor of shoes is very welcome. So, the aging effect, fur and textile inserts, as well as lacing and zippers of very different thicknesses and metal fittings are especially relevant. 

As we see, this season will really be chosen from what: the main thing is to determine what you would like, and boldly start looking for the most comfortable, stylish and really 100% "your" model shoes. 
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