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Military style: everything you need to know about the military style for men

Fashion has the property of changing. But there are such styles about which you can say that they are eternal. They are not subject to fashion trends and moods. These styles include military
For many centuries in the men's fashion there are features of military form. This trend is due to the habit of the military (both former and present) to wear military clothes "on a civilian". 

Some elements of clothing in the wardrobe did not take root, and some - changed, became relevant and attracted the attention of fashion designers. Jacket Park, bomb, Bermuda shorts, khaki color are just a few examples of the military style. 

In today's article, we'll tell you how to properly use the style of military in the wardrobe. 

What is Military style?

The military style is characterized by military elements in clothing. It can be a characteristic print, color, tailoring. 

It can be no exaggeration to say that about 90% of men's things are associated with military uniform. Military uniforms are always developed and improved for the military. The Ministry of Defense takes care that it is comfortable, comfortable and does not cause discomfort in difficult climatic conditions. 

It is worth noting that the military first tried water-repellent and practical breathable fabrics. Only after a time their properties and benefits were estimated by the civilian population.

Many models of coats evolved from the shape of the sailors, because they needed clothing that protected them from the wind. Bermuda shorts were worn by British soldiers, who were hot in ordinary trousers in Bermuda. Bomber jackets were first put on by pilots, parks were also used by aviation and infantry.

Characteristic features of the military style

Camouflage print

Color khaki, sand, brown, green, gray, blue. 

Dense and durable fabrics

Belts with large plaques, decorative epaulettes, massive buttons and zippers, patch pockets, army symbols. 

A tailored cut that sits well on a slender figure.


Effectively emphasize the style of military suitable outerwear - a jacket-park, a bomb, coat-pea coat, double-breasted trench. Also suitable is outerwear with such characteristics: army color, thematic accessories and decor. 

Upper clothes in military style can be worn in several ways: 

- Combine with things in everyday style (with shirts, jeans, sweat shots, jumpers). With elegant clothes, military should not be worn. 

- Combine with things in the same military style. For this purpose fit khaki pants, military belt, high boots, army decor.

Pants & Shorts

Style as best as possible will emphasize pants with camouflage print, cargo pants and army army chinotes. Pants should be added with a military belt. 

As already mentioned above, the Bermuda shorts fit the style of military. There are models with patch pockets and army symbols.

Shirts and T-Shirts

Shirts and military T-shirts can be recognized at a glance - a themed print and military symbols.

In choosing such clothes, it is important not to overdo it. A real military shirt will break out of the image, so it should be adapted to the civil style. The goal of the military is to emphasize strength and masculinity, and not be like the WDV.  

Military footwear

Popular shoes in the style of military - high boots with laces or boots with thick soles. To soften the style, you can put on sneakers or sneakers.

Military Accessories

- Aviator glasses. 

- Belt with a massive badge. 

"A big military watch." 

- Army badges. 

- Army badge with engraved blood group.

Where to buy clothes military, and which brands to give preference?

To buy clothes military, do not need to go to specialized stores for the military. Although accessories can be found there. 

You can buy the necessary clothes in ordinary stores with a distinctive theme. If you decide to become a fan of the military, we recommend that you pay attention to such brands: Banana Republic, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, and Militare. 

Style military - not only fashionable and relevant. He perfectly emphasizes the masculinity of men and recalls their heroic military exploits. 

A man in the guise of a military will not go unnoticed among the fair sex. After all, as is known, most girls like strong and confident men, and the military already at first glance associates with masculinity. 

Are you a military style supporter?
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