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Scientists have told, what disadvantage of the Mediterranean diet

Representatives of science doubt the benefits of the best diet. They believe that past studies did not take into account some of the nuances
A lot of scientific research has been carried out, during which it was established that the Mediterranean diet is the best and most useful. Diet helps to fight excess weight, saturates the body with useful substances and reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease. 

However, recently scientists have begun to doubt in the previously obtained results. 

Previously, it was believed that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease, and it reduces the likelihood of early death. Such a conclusion was made in 2013. 

Recently, this work was excluded from the leading scientific journal, since the study made a mistake. 

During the study volunteers were offered two types of food: with an emphasis on fats and with a minimum fat content.

Most of the fats volunteers received with nuts or olive oil. 

A second study showed that the choice of volunteers was not an accident. Therefore results of 21% of people are recognized as void. Participants chose the diet on their own. In particular, couples opted for a single food, because it is so practical and more profitable for the price. 

Another experiment has shown that the Mediterranean diet will benefit people with large or medium incomes, as the products are important to use regularly , and they are not the most budgetary. 

Not everyone can afford to daily use quality olive oil and different varieties of nuts.

Participants who laid out for the diet of about 35 thousand pounds sterling, 15% less likely to face heart and vascular disease. 

People who adhere to the Mediterranean diet, but bought products cheaper, remained with almost the same health indicators as before the diet. 

Recall that the Mediterranean diet includes vegetable oils, olives, fish, lean meats, seafood, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, macaroni from hard wheat varieties, cheeses, as well as some types of cereals (rice from brown rice, buckwheat and barley) . In addition, the diet allows the use of red wine in small quantities.

Supporters of the diet have a choice: to buy expensive products to achieve an effect or to be satisfied with Mediterranean food is cheaper to more pamper yourself with delicious products. 

And how do you think, is a Mediterranean diet able to positively affect health and increase life expectancy?
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