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"Products" that pretend to be food

Be careful with raspberry flavor and aroma - this is not at all what you can expect!
Be careful with a crimson smell - it's not at all what you can expect! 

Nowadays even ardent gourmets find it difficult to know what they eat or drink. This is because the food has changed unrecognizably from the original state (if it walked, swam, flew or grew out of the ground), to that which was delayed at the nuclear station on the way to your plate. 
Let's say it straight - we do not so much buy products that are really suitable for eating, how many edible twins that are specially designed and designed to look like food: vegetarian puffs without vegetables, fruit bars without fruit, milk products without milk, tea without tannin and coffee cafein free...

Below are some typical ingredients that are packaged, flavored and presented as a meal. And we eat it! 

Tertiary butyl hydroquinone, also known as butane 

It turns out that butane is used not only for lighters, it is also an artificial antioxidant, which they put in chicken nuggets to keep a "fresh" taste. Thus, instead of selling chicken nuggets to you fresh, butane supports this state of "freshness" in them. Perhaps you were not going to swallow butane when you lit from it and ordered these nuggets, intending to have a snack. 

Where applicable:frozen, packaged products or ready-to-eat foods with a long shelf life, such as frozen food, crackers, chips, and finished processed products with long shelf life, crackers, chips, muesli and fast food bars. 

Estrogen-female hormone 

In ordinary milk, there are a lot of hormones used in the dairy industry to keep cows in tone and get milk from them all year round. Does it sound rude? And there is. Therefore, when you drink ordinary milk, then together with it you get a dose of hormones. And all you wanted was a plate of porridge! 

Where applicable:all inorganic dairy products, so we recommend eating organic. However, do not immediately switch to the consumption of non-pasteurized milk, since its consumption is also associated with the risk of diseases. 

Dry spinach, parsley, dill 

Do you think that this green coating on your vegetarian snacks gives you a daily portion of vegetables? Think again. They are only priporosheny dry spinach or other herbs. This is just a spinach powder, which was once a spinach, which was dehydrated and deprived of all nutritional properties. Thus, it turns out that the green coating is about as nutritious as the usual powder. 

Where it is used: in "useful" snacks with plant enhancers of taste and smell. 

Propylene glycol, also known as antifreeze 

Antifreeze is used in cars, tablets, cosmetics, deodorants, moisturizing creams ... and, to some extent, in food! It does not allow your car to freeze, your moisturizing cream will lose moisture, and your cream ice cream in a skimmed dough cup remains creamy, soft and sated. 

If it's good for your SUV, it's good for food, right? 

Where applicable: in mixtures for cakes, salad dressings, skimmed ice cream, in dog food. 

Wood pulp: Vanillin 

Vanillin, which is a by-product of the pulp and paper industry, is used as an artificial vanilla flavor. The rosin ester, which comes from the tips of pine trees, is used in carbonated water with a taste of citrus so that the citrus flavor and aroma are evenly distributed in the can. 

Where it is used: in artificially flavored yoghurts, baked goods, sweets and beverages. 

Beaver jet (castoreum) A 

beaver jet (castoreum) is obtained from, pardon, beaver priests, more precisely their anal glands - and use to make artificial additives with raspberry taste - to strengthen and fix the odor. Try not to think about it the next time you order a diet raspberry tea. 

Where applicable:in artificially flavored raspberry products, such as cheap ice cream, jelly, candy, fruit, flavored drinks, tea and yogurt.
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