» » Crimea presented a riddle: an unknown Egyptian deity was found here


Crimea presented a riddle: an unknown Egyptian deity was found here

Female suspension with its image archaeologists excavated on the plateau Mangup

Summer Crimea pleases not only thousands of tourists, the land of ancient Tauris presents pleasant surprises also to our archaeologists. Recently, members of the expedition of the Crimean Federal University raised from the excavation a unique female jewelry - a suspension of the Hellenistic type with Egyptian motifs. Similar on the peninsula was not found.

As the head of the expedition, the dean of the historical faculty of the KFU Alexander Herzen, told the journalists, this suspension was discovered in the Bakhchisaray region, on the plateau of Mangup, where once was the capital of the principality Theodoro.

An unusual find was made during excavations on the site of the palace complex of the Mangup princes of the XV century. The size of the decoration is small - about 2 centimeters. The suspension is most likely cast of bronze. It depicts the figure of a woman wrapped in a long robe - the scientists suggested that this is some kind of Egyptian deity. According to Herzen, such works of ancient art have not yet been discovered in the Crimea, and scientists can not yet understand how such a suspension could get to the medieval fort.

Experts will have to carefully study this artifact, but according to preliminary assumptions, the suspension is dated to the IV-III centuries BC. e. Employees of the Crimean University have already turned to specialists from the Hermitage and Moscow State University for help, but even with joint efforts it has not yet been possible to find analogues of the ancient suspension found on the Mangup Plateau.

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