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Breakfast is not always healthy

People who have a hearty breakfast, will and throughout the day to eat a lot of food, which is not very good for health

It is believed that you need to start your day with a hearty breakfast. But, after conducting a series of studies, scientists came to the conclusion that this opinion is erroneous. 

According to the researchers, nourishing and dense breakfasts are not always healthy. This conclusion was made by scientists after several studies. For some time, they were monitoring a group of volunteers, consisting of a couple of hundred people. Researchers paid special attention to diet and behavior of subjects. 

After the experiment was over, scientists came to the conclusion that people who are hearty breakfasts will eat plenty of food throughout the day, which is not very healthy and can cause obesity, as well as many diseases. This conclusion dispels the myth that a hearty breakfast dulls the feeling of hunger for the whole day. 

Scientists say that breakfast should consist of useful foods that are necessary for normal functioning of the body throughout the day. And it does not have to be satisfying. 

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