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An entrepreneur from Kazan on how to start two businesses at once

People of creative professions know: sooner or later there comes a time when space for this very creativity within one activity ceases to suffice. And then you either have to reconcile yourself with the circumstances, or expand the space. Entrepreneur from Kazan, Louise Nazipova, took the second path and embodied her solid architectural experience in two business projects dealing, she says, with an ideal design.

The main thing is to act

Louise parallel develops his own business at first glance in unconnected areas of activity - engineering and technical design and manufacturing of badges and jewelry made of metals. Both companies are young - founded in November last year. Before doing business, Louise, an architect by training, was engaged in designing buildings, including socially significant objects - kindergartens, residential complexes, a stadium in Kazan for 45,000 spectators (for which she received a letter of thanks from the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Tatarstan).

The architectural experience of Louise was very useful and became the basis for the creation of IDOLdesign, its own company that provides services in the field of engineering and technical design, construction project management, develops projects for heat, water, gas supply and much more. "We are engaged in the design of residential and public buildings, we design interior design," says Louise. Now the company plans to open another direction - advising clients. "People often ask questions about building, renting premises, designing, and the answers to them often require in-depth knowledge of specialists in various fields. Therefore, I think, such consultations, which help to understand all the complexities, will be in demand, "the entrepreneur believes.

At the moment, several architects work in the company's staff, other functions are outsourced to specialists. "For example, our visualizers are located in Kazakhstan, outsourcing specialists from other areas are also working on constructive parts, heating, ventilation, water supply," Louisa explains.

The competition in the design market in Kazan, according to her, is quite high - mostly large companies that have been working in this field for many years. "To work in this market, it is necessary to understand its requests, to be able to establish contacts to work with large construction companies. "The company is only six months, so we are now only in the process of development, and we have much to strive for," says the entrepreneur.

Work in the field of design, architecture and design, she said, is difficult, primarily because of the amount of knowledge that must be able to use to solve problems. "While working as an architect, I was quite far from business, so now sometimes there are questions that at first glance seem unsolvable," says Louise. However, she treats the problems with optimism, considering them useful life experience, which must be experienced. For advice and support, she appeals to relatives - also specialists in the architectural sphere, expands her knowledge in the courses for those who build their own business - "Enterprise Factory". "The knowledge that I get there helps to find answers to questions that sometimes seem insoluble, but sometimes it's enough just to look at the situation from another side. I understand, that I'm training by trial and error - bumps are packed, of course! But the main thing is to act, "the entrepreneur believes.

Moving to the set goals, it helps not only the advice of relatives. But the portal of the Business Navigator SMEs . The resource for start-up entrepreneurs and those whose business is already on their feet proved to be, according to Louise, a useful source of information. She herself, in particular, used the service of selection of premises when she was looking for an office for one of her companies. In the future, Louise said, she plans to study the information on public procurement provided by the portal, which, perhaps, will be useful for expanding the sales market.

Unbreakable things

The second company founded by Louise, IDOL Jewelery, is engaged in the manufacture of badges and jewelry. "I was always attracted to metal - I love reliable, not killed, eternal things, - the entrepreneur told. "Now we are working on a collection of designer minimalistic ornaments, and we also manufacture corporate badges from both simple and expensive metals."

Designers of the company develop the appearance of the icon, then a 3D model is produced and blanks are printed on 3D printers. Then the jewelers are engaged in the creation of products - they cast, process the product, and now it is already adorned with the clothes of the employee of the company that ordered the icon. "I like to do status, stylish things for companies, to develop logos - I think this symbol is important, because it to some extent supports the corporate spirit," the entrepreneur noted.

But this is not all the projects that Louisa is working on. In autumn she plans to organize a training seminar for those who want to choose a profession related to design or architecture, but did not decide which direction to choose. "Why do I think this is relevant? Practice shows that young people often expect another from the profession, especially in architecture. In this area, in practice, unfortunately, there is not so much creativity, and many change it to another, "- says Louise. "I wish there were more people who will imagine their future profession and prepare for it."

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