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With age, people become happier

Aging, a person begins to trust more people around him, due to which his psychological state is significantly improved
Researchers managed to prove that older people feel happier: aging, a person begins to trust more people around, which significantly improves his psychological state.
Experts conducted a series of studies to study the relationship between age and the degree of credulity. 197 888 people from 83 countries of the world took part in the survey of scientists. Analyzing the answers of all volunteers, the scientists came to the conclusion that older people really treat others with great confidence, which positively influences their psychological state - they become much happier.
According to experts, this discovery has a fairly simple explanation: reaching old age, a person begins to focus on giving maximum attention and time to his relatives and relatives, subconsciously expecting the same attitude toward themselves. Conclusions of scientists confirmed one more poll, which was conducted among 1,230 US residents. Those people who show more confidence to others almost always feel happier.
At the same time, even the considerable risk that a gullible elderly person can be deceived does not negate all the advantages that he gains from his positive attitude to life.
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