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A method for removing aging cells from the body

Modern medicine over the past decade advanced far ahead. Scientists have developed tools for dangerous diseases and found the reasons for their appearance. However, the main issue still remains open - the extension of youth

The body of every living being eventually grows old and dies. But since ancient times, humanity has disagreed with this phenomenon. Scientists have been trying to slow down aging for many years, and ideally, to find a recipe for immortality. 

To date, the ideal option is still far, but scientists have found effective ways to increase life expectancy and slow aging. 

Experts from the United States have created a drug that removes old cells from the body . This effect was found in the study of cenolithics (drugs that slow aging). The drug selectively acts on the cells - eliminates the old and does not touch healthy.

As scientists have found out, old cells accumulate in the body of people. Because of this, age-related diseases appear that provoke the death of young cells. As a result, aging begins to intensify. 

To obtain information, the researchers conducted a study with the participation of experimental mice. They were given two drugs: dasatinib and quercetin . The result of assessing their health showed an improvement in the state of the cardiovascular system and bone tissues. Also, the development of osteoporosis slowed. But most importantly - the life span of rodents increased by approximately 30%. 

Further research in this direction will continue. At the moment, the mass appearance of tablets from old age is not expected. The fact is that the developed drugs have many side effects. Therefore, they need improvement. 

While the bright minds of science develop magic tablets, there is no need to waste time. To improve your health, and hence the life span, you can use affordable means: to eat right, to reduce consumption of meat products, to add vegetables and fruits to the diet, to get enough sleep, to spend more time outdoors and to give time to regular physical activity.

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