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20 most beautiful places on the planet

In today's article, we offer a selection of twenty of the most beautiful places on the planet that will not leave anyone indifferent

Our world is beautiful and amazing, it is full of mysteries and picturesque places, which are worth seeing at least once in life. 

In today's article, we offer a selection of twenty of the most beautiful places on the planet, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

The sea of ​​stars (Maldives)

On the island of Vaath, after sunset, there is an amazing sight - the sea surface turns into hundreds of luminous stars. This effect is called bioluminescence. From the organisms of animals, energy is released in the form of luminous points.

A large water hole (blue hole) (Belize)

A large blue hole attracts not only tourists and divers from around the world, but also researchers. It became popular thanks to Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It is created by nature and has the shape of a funnel (305x150 meters). 

This beautiful and amazing place awaits visitors to Central America in the territory of Belize.  

Cave of a mountain stream (Vietnam)

A beautiful cave is located in the province of Quang Binh. Its length is 6 kilometers (the largest in the world). One of its sections reaches a height of 200 meters, and a width of 150 meters. Some of its zones are so spacious that they can fit a small settlement.  

Multicolored rocks Zhangye Dansya (China)

In the Chinese small province of Gansu there are rocks formed around the Mesozoic era (145 - 66 million years ago). Magnificent and picturesque rocks consist of sedimentary rocks (conglomerates) and sandstones of red color. 

Their feature is that they are multi-colored. They combine red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, gray and other colors. From afar they look like multi-colored Asian spices. This unique natural creation is included in the World Heritage List.

Hitachi Seaside Park (Japan)

The luxury park is located in the town of Hitatinka. It was opened in the early 90's on the site of the inoperative base of US troops. To date, the area of ​​the park is 120 hectares. 

While in Hitachi you can see the expanses of the Pacific Ocean, but this is not its main highlight. The park is fragrant with daffodils, sakura, tulips, poppies and lilies.  

Swing "The End of the World" (Ecuador)

The swing "End of the World" is considered one of the most extreme swings in the world. They are in the mountains in the city of Banos. Extreme is that they are over a considerable chasm at an altitude of 2,660 meters. Rolling on them, you can admire the majestic and picturesque views of the Andes. 

Cave of ice under the glacier (USA)

In Alaska, an ice cave is located in a glacier 12 km long. Its peculiarity is that every year it changes its appearance. The ice in the cave is slowly melting, as a result of which springs appear.  

Mount Roraima (Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela)

A unique mountain in its kind is located in South America at the intersection of three states. 

The highest point of the mountain is at an altitude of 2,723 meters, and the flat surface of one of the peaks occupies about 34 km2. The local population believes that this is a sacred place, and the Indians called it "The Pup of the Earth".

Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe)

The uniqueness of the waterfall is not only in its beauty. It is one of the tallest and widest waterfalls in the world (the height is 1000 meters, and the width is more than 1 kilometer). Tourists are allowed to walk along its edge. 

Victoria Falls is one of the main attractions in South Africa.

Fingal Cave (Scotland)

Clear forms of the cave of many suggest that it was created by people. But in fact, it was formed by nature during the Paleocene era during lava flows. 

The surf in a duet with a cave creates musical sounds reminiscent of the melody of the organ. 

Troll's language (Norway)

Under Troll's tongue is meant a ledge in the rock of Skieggedal. "Language" is located at an altitude of 350 meters above the picturesque lake Ringedalsvatn. On the ledge there are often extreme and curious tourists. Getting up there is not an easy thing, as climbing takes 5 hours.  

Cappadocia (Turkey)

According to scientists, volcanic formations with picturesque canyons, caves and dungeons were formed in the 5th millennium BC. Cappadocia is considered one of the most famous and popular tourist centers. 

In this place, flights on balloons are very popular. Tourists from all over the world come here to at dawn to climb the sky in a hot air balloon and see beautiful landscapes from a bird's eye view.

White beaches of the Holy Trinity (Australia)

There are white beaches in the archipelago of the Holy Trinity. Scientists suggest that they were formed not one million years ago when the sea sand hit the shore.

Great Canyon (USA)

The canyon is in the state of Arizona (USA) in the territory of the National Park. It is included in the UNESCO list and is considered one of the wonders of nature. Its terracotta elevations attract not only tourists, but also directors with a world-wide reputation for making films.

Fields of tulips (Netherlands)

From the second half of April and until May 10 in the Netherlands fragrant tulip fields. From a bird's-eye view, flowers create an incredible kaleidoscope of colors. White, yellow, red, purple and even blue tulips attract tourists from all over the world. The largest fields are near the shore of the North Sea and not far from Amsterdam on the site of a dried-up lake. 

Caves made of marble (Chile, Argentina)

Caves made of marble appeared under the influence of natural phenomena and were ground by waves of the sea. The process of their formation was started 6,000 years ago. Admire this natural beauty can be on Lake Buenos Aires.  

Tunnel of love (Ukraine)

In the Rivne region in the small village of Klevan there is a sweet-smelling tunnel of love. It was formed as a result of the interwoven branches of trees and shrubs in the form of a tunnel and became a favorite place for loving couples and wedding photo sessions.  

Enchanted well (Brazil)

In Bahia (Brazil in the northeast) in the National Park is a unique well. Its depth is 36 meters and at the same time small stones are seen on its bottom. 

When the sun begins to shine in the well, it becomes saturated blue. Tourists are advised to watch the spectacle in June and July closer to noon.  

Antelope Canyon (USA)

Canyon is located near the town of Page in the state of Arizona. It began to be called the canyon of Antelope, since its colors resemble the skin of this animal. It was formed not one hundred years under the influence of wind and water.  

Solonchak Uyuni (Bolivia)

Uyuni is a withered lake near the desert in Bolivia. It is at an altitude of 3,650 meters. When the rains pass, the surface of the solonchak becomes mirrored and even allows the satellites to be tuned. 

Uyuni was the last refuge for the locomotives that served their own, which are there for about 60 years. 

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