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These 10 habits will help you become even smarter

We offer simple but obvious things that will help your brain work effectively and efficiently

The well-known formula of the intellect of the neuroscientist Joe Tzin (N = 2i - 1, where n is the uncertainty and i is infinite possibilities) is used not to determine the level of IQ, but for everyone to understand two simple things. First, the potential of our brain remains a mystery to scientists. Secondly, the intellect is not an inborn quality of a person. It can and should be regularly developed. And make it easier than it really seems. 

And as the doctor himself says, our intellect is equal to "uncertainty and infinite possibilities". 

We offer simple but obvious things that will help your brain work efficiently and clearly. 

1. Try to strain memory

Your brain requires constant training. Therefore, it is necessary to strain it as often as possible. For example, before going shopping in the supermarket, make a list of products, read it and try to remember it. Also, mentally, scroll through your head to the various departments of the trading floor. Having made all the purchases, standing in line at the cash register, try to calculate in mind the entire amount of purchased products. If it coincides with reality, reward yourself with a bonus - buy something tasty for yourself and useful for the brain - for example, a tile of extra-black natural chocolate.

2. Regularly and correctly "feed" your brain

Like the stomach, the brain needs regular and healthy nutrition. However, do not rush to buy and take supplements. There are a large number of simple and affordable products that will benefit your intelligence. 

It is enough to introduce into your daily diet 5-6 nuts to improve brain activity or 100-150 g of sea fish  (2-3 times a week) to charge vigor and energy. Practically all kinds of nuts are useful for the brain: walnuts, pecans (externally very similar to walnuts ), almonds, cashews, hazelnuts. And pumpkin seeds and sunflower seedswill improve the thinking ability. Nuts and seeds should be eaten raw.

Also, for a quick reaction and good memory, regular consumption of spinach isnecessary . And in the morning it is useful to drink a cup of tea with sage . Still experts recommend to drink pomegranate juice and add turmeric to food - they will improve memory, reduce the amount of inflammatory processes in the body and prevent Alzheimer's disease.

3. Concentrate before making important decisions

According to psychologist Joseph Forgas, negative emotions for mental development are also important, as well as positive ones. Serious people are capable of more analytical and skeptical approach to solving important problems. However, laughter and a good mood is a wonderful rest for the brain, unlike sadness and sadness. 

So you can focus and frown when thinking about important decisions, and then be sure to relax and smile.  

4. Tap your fingers on the table  

To make a correct and productive decision of any issue, it is very useful to drum your fingers lightly on any surface for a minute or so. This will help you not to take reckless and insurmountable decisions, but to concentrate and bring all your thoughts into order. 

When you have the opportunity to listen to some music, try to accompany in time with the melody. According to the well-known neuroscientist Theodor Zanto, the sense of rhythm is of great importance in protecting the human brain from aging.

5. Educate others

As the great scientist Albert Einstein said, you need to make sure that you yourself understand what is at stake. And then try to explain to someone else. At the same time, you can achieve a double result: transfer your knowledge to other people and remember the new information yourself.

6. Play computer games

As a result of numerous studies, scientists have proved that video games can activate the hidden potential of the human brain. In addition, this hobby helps you to navigate in the real world. Experts say that people who are in the virtual world 2-3 hours a week are able to simultaneously monitor a lot of objects and pay attention to all minor details. And also efficiently process visual information. 

Such brain training will not pass in vain and help improve intellectual abilities.

7. Do something with your own hands

Now in the shops of creativity or even in children's departments, you can find a lot of options than to take their hands, while loading the brain. For example, you can buy a wooden designer in the form of some cars, equipment or various structures. 

Another option to train the brain is to assemble a puzzle consisting of a large number of details. You can also draw. Now everyone can write a beautiful picture, using the layout of the picture, which must be painted by numbers. There is even no need to have special artistic skills - this is within the power of everyone. 

All this is an excellent training of motor skills, which not only calms the nerves and helps to concentrate, but also activates the intellect. 

8. Learn to relax and relax

For all our employment, during work a small rest is necessary. At least every 2 hours you need to be distracted from the main job and have a rest. It can be simple exercise or outdoor recreation. And you can just sit on a bench in the nearest public garden, relax and eat an apple. Thus, your brain will digest and remember the necessary information. 

American scientist psychologist Adam Grant, being at the TED conference, shared his observations with colleagues. He stated that there is a direct link between procrastination (the habit of postponing important matters for later) and the creative abilities of a person. In his opinion, before any responsible work, it is even useful to rest a little, pobazdelnichat. Thus, it will be easier to make any non-standard and responsible decisions. 

9. Doing Dancing

Specialists consider dances to be one of the best types of therapy. The fact is that it is dancing, aerobics and other rhythmic movements that can help the whole body and the brain. All sorts of exercises to music enhance cerebral circulation. This activates the production of the hormone oxytocin, which, in turn, enhances the work of neurons. 

And it is even better to study those kinds of dances that contribute to the development of coordination. They will help you acquire a quick reaction, improve concentration and will train your memory. 

10. Attend performances, exhibitions, galleries

It is proved that people who like intellectual leisure (go to exhibitions, performances and concerts) are less prone to age-related changes. Their memory is much better, and the level of intelligence is higher than that of people who spend their free time sitting by the TV. 

The brain is positively influenced by all sorts of intellectual loads. It is useful for him to analyze, compare and comprehend. A pleasant addition is the pleasure received from what he has seen or read. 

We hope that these simple and useful tips, with their regular observance, will help you better navigate in difficult situations and make the right decisions. In doing so, you will give your brain additional training and increase your intelligence. If you have your secrets in increasing iq, share them in our comments with other readers.

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