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10 useful lifhucks for men

Do you want to be stylish and neat? Then these 10 lifhaks are sure to help you in this

Men in a fast pace of life are not always easy to be stylish and accurate even with all the desire; and some of them believe that they are attractive and charismatic by themselves, so they do not need much attention to appearance and wardrobe. Nevertheless, women always pay attention to clothes, shoes and details of the men's wardrobe. 

Do you want to be stylish and neat? Then these 10 lifhaks are sure to help you in this.

What to do when the socks are left without a pair?

For sure everyone had to look for a second sock - it's absolutely impossible to find, then come across a different color and style (which you recently also unsuccessfully searched for). 

This man's punishment can be avoided if you buy socks of the same color and style . Then any socks that are at hand will be the same.

How to tidy shoes without special tools?

There are many shops for shoe care, but if anything is not at hand, use olive oil - it will not only cleanse the dirt, but also give shoes a beautiful shine. 

If the shoes from the skin are rather rough, apply a hand cream on them, which will make them softer and outwardly attractive. 

Correctly choose the size of a tie

A tie is an essential attribute of a business man and a serious man. But the fashion for them is changing. If in the 70s their width was about 13 cm, now it is 7-9 cm or less. In addition, when choosing the width of the tie you need to take into account the features of the build. 

The width of this accessory should match the lapels of your jacket. The wider the shoulders, the wider should be the lapels, and hence the width of the tie should be appropriate.  

And this video demonstrates how to make a narrow necktie out of the wide one on its own and without much effort.


Elimination of bad smells

If an unpleasant smell emanates from the shoes, it is enough to place it in a sealed bag in the freezer and leave it overnight. In the morning it will smell frosty fresh.  

The second life for old shoes

Old sneakers can be put in order by performing such manipulations: 

- Clean them with a detergent and a toothbrush. 

- Paint with paint for fabrics. 

- Dry it well.

Replacing the iron

Men do not like to stroke, and have always dreamed of simplifying this task. But it is worth noting that the electric and steam iron were patented by men. 

A popular way to bring your shirt into a normal look is to hang it on your hangers and send it to the bathroom, where you can turn on the hot water in advance, so that the room is filled with warm steam. Such manipulation will help to straighten the folds on the shirt. 

Another more radical option is to hang clothes on the hanger and spray it from the spray with a mixture of water, a conditioner and a vinegar. But there is a chance that the smell of vinegar remains.

The solution for a small belt

The belt in the men's wardrobe plays an important role. It is carefully chosen, paying attention to the style, fittings and color. But what if he steel is small, and throw it pity? 

With the help of a punch hole, you can make additional holes, so that he again sat well in the figure. Also, this service can be obtained if you go to the seat of sale of belts - usually there is a special device for making holes in the belts.

Rule of three buttons

This rule says: the upper button can sometimes be left buttoned, the middle button should always be buttoned up, and the lower button never. 

For shirt, there are also buttoned rules - more than two buttons on it do not unfasten, even in hot weather.  

What to do with a naughty fly?

Sometimes when you meet or communicate with a beautiful sex, a naughty fly makes you blush and feel uncomfortable. To ensure that it does not fail at the right time, you need to take a ringlet from the keychain or keys, thread it into the slider of the trouser zipper and lock it on the button over the fly. 

Another way to solve the problem is to block the path of lightning from above with a small pin attached to the inside of the trousers.

Do not leave sprues on clothes

If there are pellets on the clothes, they can be quickly eliminated with an ordinary razor or a special small battery-powered machine. 

Listed lifjhaki necessarily help you to be stylish and neat, regardless of the situation and circumstances.

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