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Top 10 most dangerous and poisonous products

To warn you from the tragic consequences, we offer our rating of the most dangerous and poisonous products
Experts constantly say that there are many different products that are not suitable for food. Their use can cause harm to human health. However, despite warnings, we continue to use them as food. If you do not properly approach this issue, you can not only cause harm to health, but even die. 

To warn you from the tragic consequences, we offer our rating of the most dangerous and poisonous products.

10. Bitter almonds

It is known that almonds are nuts, which are of great health benefit. And the most fragrant is bitter almonds. Therefore, many people, choosing between sweet and bitter almonds, prefer bitter varieties of this plant. However, it must be remembered that bitter almonds contain a substance of cyanide, which is poisonous. That is why such a production almond is usually processed to remove the poison. In addition, the heating process also destroys the poison. Otherwise, you can get poisoning or even possible death. There are countries in which the law prohibits the sale of bitter almonds (for example, New Zealand).

9. Wild mushrooms

Now many people have mushrooms in a constant diet. You can cook many delicious and healthy dishes from them. However, collecting them in the forest, you need to be very careful and attentive. Such mushrooms, like a pale toadstool, can be dangerous for life. They can lead to severe poisoning, cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and also have a negative impact on the heart, kidneys and liver. Before you go to the forest for mushrooms, you need to make sure that you are good at them. And before preparing them you must carefully sort out and rinse.

8. Elderberry (elder)

Buzina has valuable and useful medicinal properties. Elderberry fruits are used in the treatment of many colds. Kashitsa from berries of this plant effectively heals and heals wounds on the skin. Also, elder fruits are used to make alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, with this plant one must be very careful. The US Department of Agriculture states that only ripe berries are suitable for consumption. And unripe red berries can be toxic. The use of stems, leaves and roots of this plant can also cause nausea, vomiting and even diarrhea.

7. Cassava (cassava edible)

Manioc (family of euphorbia) is known for its roots, which is called manioc. In cooking, cassava is widely used for pudding. Also from it bakes flat bread and bread. However, in its raw form, the use of this plant is strictly prohibited, since it is very toxic due to the cyanide content. To eliminate the danger of poisoning, the plant is pre-treated. Before use, the cassava is thoroughly washed, repeatedly changing the water, and then subjected to heat treatment. If you do not adhere to these rules, you can get a strong poisoning.

6. Aki (a relative of the soap tree)

In Jamaica, this fruit is considered "national". The fruits of aki are poisonous (contain hypoglycine) until they are revealed in a natural way. This plant is considered one of the most poisonous in the whole world. Eating it can seriously damage your health. Also from the use of immature fruits of this plant a person can fall into a coma. And even a fatal outcome is possible. Specialists strongly recommend eating only ripe fruits. Besides, only its edible part. This is the yellow area around the black seeds.

5. Sannakchy

This is a dish of Korean cuisine. It is a seasoned with sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame live octopus. Its raw meat is not poisonous. However, he himself represents a certain danger. On its surface are the suckers. And when it is used (even small pieces), they can stick to the sky or throat. And thus close your breath. This food - for fans of thrills. But is it worth the risk?

4. The Haukarl

Haukarl is an Icelandic national dish: jerky meat from the Greenland polar shark or giant shark. This dish is very popular in Iceland. It is known that the shark has no kidneys, and, consequently, there are no urinary tracts. This means that all toxic substances in the fish are not discharged outside. Therefore, the content of urea in it is very high. If the meat is cooked incorrectly, toxic substances can be poisoned. Shark meat can only be eaten with cooking technology. It is fermented for 3 months, then cut into pieces and dried for 5-6 months. The smell from this delicacy is disgusting, but the taste is rather pleasant.

3. Bloody shellfish

The consistency of live shellfish looks like a liquid jelly. Collected in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, mollusks are very rich in hemoglobin. Therefore, they have a red color. However, they contain a large number of bacteria, which can cause dysentery, typhoid and hepatitis. This is especially true of Chinese shellfish (mollusks bred in the waters of China). Despite this, they are popular with many lovers of exotic dishes.

2. Rhubarb

This plant is often used for cooking many dishes. From rhubarb you can make delicious puddings, pies, as well as drinks, compotes and kissels. However, one must know that the leaves of this plant contain a harmful chemical substance - oxalate, which can cause difficulty in breathing, convulsions and kidney failure. And even can lead to a fatal outcome. Only stems are edible. Although they contain this dangerous substance, but not in such quantity.  

1. Fugu

Fugu is a dish of Japanese cuisine from some species of poisonous fish containing tetrodotoxin poison. Fugu is a Japanese delicacy, which is considered the most poisonous of all marine life. This fish is also called spider fish. The chef must undergo a two-year training before being allowed to cook this fish. And also pass a special test. Many culinary students fail in such a test. The fact is that some insides, such as the ovaries, liver and intestines, contain a poisonous substance that is 1200 times more toxic than cyanide. This poison can cause muscle paralysis and lead to death. According to British experts, somewhere 30-50 people die each year after eating this fish.

Remember that these harmless and ordinary-looking plants and animals can lead to big problems. They not only can cause great harm to your health, but also lead to death. Therefore, think a hundred times before preparing a dish from them.
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