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Popular products for breakfast, which is better to refuse

Not all foods can be consumed for breakfast. There are many famous dishes that experts do not advise eating on an empty stomach. Although many are accustomed to eating them since childhood
Nutritionists say that a healthy breakfast should contain somewhere around 400-700 calories. In addition, it must contain nutrients that will energize the body for the whole working day. 

However, not all foods can be recommended for breakfast. There are many famous dishes that experts do not recommend eating on an empty stomach. Although many have become accustomed to eating them since childhood. 

We offer a list of products that it is better not to eat for breakfast. 

1. Fried eggs and bacon

Regular consumption of eggs for breakfast with bacon can lead to cardiovascular diseases. This combination of foods contains a large amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. 

Tip: substitute scrambled eggs and bacon for an omelette. To this dish you can add greens, tomatoes, broccoli and other vegetables.

2. Toasts of white bread with a delicious crust

By itself white bread is not very nutritious. In addition, the composition of modern white bread is very controversial - refined flour, gluten, food additives (preservatives, food colors and flavors), vegetable oils, trans fats, eggs and milk, salt, yeast. And if it is also roasted to an appetizing crust, then this will make such bread very harmful to the body. In fried toast contains a large number of carcinogens. They provoke oncological and other diseases. 

Advice: instead of white bread, use whole-grain bread. And if you like toast, watch that there is not a burnt crust on the bread. 

3. Breakfast cereals and muesli

Experts say that in breakfast cereals there is a large number of simple carbohydrates. However, there is no fiber and protein. It is proved that a high-carbohydrate breakfast causes overeating. Respondents who consumed 3 grams of protein and 44 grams of carbohydrates in the morning felt hunger rather than those who consumed food rich in protein alone. 

People who are prone to diabetes, it is necessary to limit the use of breakfast cereals. This is because they contain a large amount of sugar. 

Advice: eat in the morning corn flakes and muesli without sugar. And to supplement the body with proteins, add nuts, seeds and flax seeds. 

4. Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes

Delicious and mouth-watering pancakes are very nutritious. And if to them still to add a sweet jam or a jam, it can lead to an increase in insulin in the blood. In addition to calories and extra pounds, you do not get anything useful for the body. 

Tip: for the preparation of pancakes, replace white wheat flour with rye or oatmeal, and sweet additives with fresh fruits, berries and honey.

5. All kinds of chocolate pastes

According to specialists, two tablespoons of nutella contains 83% of sugar. This amount of sweet can increase your mood for a while. And as soon as the energy reserve disappears, apathy and fatigue will replace the good mood. 

Tip: replace the sweet chocolate paste with hazelnut oil (paste) with honey. It does not contain sugar, but it contains a lot of proteins and healthy fats. 

6. White rice (porridge and white rice pilaf) 

White rice contains a large amount of carbohydrates. It also has a lot of starch. But there is no coarse fiber, which can cause problems with digestion. 

Tip: Instead of popular white rice, nutritionists recommend eating brown (brown or uncleaned, unpolished) rice. It is digested for a long time and provides the body with energy for the whole day. And if you soak rice in water for the night, it will speed up its preparation in the morning.

7. Low-fat yogurt

According to experts, fat-free yogurt contains nutrients no more than one serving of ice cream. If you are for a healthy diet, then do not give up sour-milk products. In moderate doses, they contribute to weight loss. In addition, improve mood and relieve stress. 

Advice: use yogurt fat content from 3 to 5%.

8. Milk

Milk is the ideal product for babies. For an adult, this product is not necessary, and can even be harmful. For example, scientists have proven that milk flushes calcium, can cause osteoporosis and indigestion. Also, industrial milk contains a large amount of the estrogen hormone, which is injected into the cows for an ongoing process of milk extraction. The incidence of testicular, prostate and breast cancer is particularly high in countries with high milk consumption. 

Advice: drink vegetable milk - almond, coconut, soy. 

9. Sausages

Specialists-nutritionists strongly recommend to abandon sausages and all kinds of sausages. After all, sausages contain fat, salt, all sorts of preservatives and flavor enhancers. Such a composition not only irritates the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, but can also lead to oncological and other diseases. 

Tip: instead of sausages and all kinds of sausages use boiled or baked chicken meat. This is an excellent alternative to sausage products for breakfast.

10. Shop sandwiches, fast food

It happens that due to lack of time we snack fast food. Specialists strongly recommend to refuse such snacks. It is proved that sandwiches in fast food establishments contain a large number of carcinogens, preservatives and all kinds of harmful fats. In addition, it is quite heavy for the stomach food. It can overload the digestive system with extra calories. 

Tip: better prepare a sandwich yourself. In doing so, pick up fresh and healthy foods that will suit your taste. 

Listen to the advice of specialists and try to refuse for the sake of your health from the use of the above harmful products for breakfast. And the proposed alternatives will be an excellent substitute.
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