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Products against cancer, which must be in every kitchen

We are sure that many of the products listed below are available in your diet. And if not - then now must appear necessarily
This list of products is very effective in combating many diseases, as well as with cancer, and should be in every refrigerator, freezer or shelf. 

Here are some examples of how to better prepare them (use).

1. Chia seeds

These small, dark colors, the grains are very rich in protein. It is useful to use them as an additive in a glass of smoothies. These seeds are much more effective than other sweet crispy additives. They are also very rich in antioxidants. This includes quercetin, kaempferol and chlorogenic acid. It is these substances that are an excellent prevention of lung and prostate cancer. 

Chia seeds also contain a lot of fiber, which is a potential means to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

Chia seeds are sold in many supermarkets, health food stores, and also in markets. Use them for cooking all kinds of dishes. Add to the porridge, yogurts and smoothies. And you can simply soak one teaspoon of seeds in half a glass of boiled water, and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. This is an excellent preventive agent for gastrointestinal diseases.

2. Brussels sprouts

This temporarily forgotten vegetable reappears in our kitchen. And not in vain! In cruciferous vegetables, indoles and isothiocyanates are found. They prevent the formation of a tumor in the bladder, liver, lungs and large intestine. In addition, Brussels sprouts are very rich in vitamins C and K.

From this vegetable you can cook many useful and tasty dishes. It can be fried, stewed, baked, and added to salads. According to nutritionists, these products should always be in the house. And most importantly, do not forget about them and regularly eat them.

3. Walnuts

Walnut was called "super-nut" because of the huge amount of antioxidants. They contain twice as much of these nutrients than in other nuts. Walnuts are very rich in alpha-linolenic acid. It is an essential fatty acid that lowers the chance of colon cancer. And the polyphenols contained in this product are effective against prostate cancer. 

According to experts, fried or soaked in water for several hours, nuts contribute to better absorption of nutrients. Walnuts, added to oatmeal or yogurt, are a good snack.

4. Red grapes

In the skins of red grapes contains one of the most famous anticancer compounds. This is resveratrol, which inhibits the cells that cause cancer. Also in red and purple grapes contain other powerful antioxidants - anthocyanin and kahetin.

Nutritionists recommend freezing these healthy berries and eating in winter cold. They will serve as a wonderful snack between the main meal. A dry red grapes are available at any time of the year. Berries of grapes - ideal for salads, meat and fish dishes. 

5. Artichokes

Artichoke plants are rich in polyphenols, which destroy colorectal cancer. Doctors say that, despite the fact that they do not cure this ailment, they are an effective preventative against the growth of cancer cells. Also, these taste-pleasing fruits serve as a huge source of folate. This is the most important vitamin B group. Their consumption reduces the risk of developing lung cancer. 

Artichokes can be used both in raw, and in boiled or baked form, with a variety of sauces and seasonings. In the winter, the artichoke core can be found in the frozen food section in any supermarket. In the summer they are sold fresh in the vegetable department. Artichokes are perfectly stored in the freezer, but still fresh are more useful.

6. Blueberries

This sweet dark purple berry has unique properties. Blueberries collected in the forest are very rich in antioxidants. A purple color is given to her flavonoids. The anthocyanins contained in this berry are the strongest antioxidant. Compared with more than twenty other fruits and vegetables, it has the highest "total antioxidant capacity". To all other things, American scientists have discovered in bilberries a special substance - pterostilben. It lowers blood pressure.

These berries are an excellent addition to oatmeal, cottage cheese and yogurt. Frozen berries in winter can be purchased at any supermarket. 

As you can see, these products are easy to find in any store or market. But their usefulness is difficult to overestimate. Add to your diet the above and no illnesses will not be terrible to you.
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