» » Men have a relationship between testosterone levels and the desire to buy expensive things


Men have a relationship between testosterone levels and the desire to buy expensive things

Scientists have long proven the colossal influence of hormones on the human body. They affect reproductive functions, emotions, well-being and some patterns of behavior. And recently there was a link between testosterone and the desire to buy expensive things
Scientists from France concluded that testosterone injections affect the social status of female and male rodents. The same effect applies to people, and especially to men. 

Under the influence of the hormone testosterone, men want to buy presentable things that demonstrate their high status. 

The second stage of the experiment was conducted with the participation of men. A small amount of testosterone was injected into their bodies with a special patch. The hormone received only a part of the volunteers. The second part of the participants received a "dummy", not knowing about it.

The researchers determined the amount of testosterone in all participants, and then offered them to look at photographs that had different clothes. After that, the volunteers were shown images of luxury wristwatches and machines with characteristics. Men had to choose the defining characteristics. 

Having processed the received information, experts have revealed that men who took testosterone chose luxury and presentable things . The same trend was observed in men who have a lot of this hormone by nature. The higher the level of testosterone, the stronger was the craving for expensive and branded things. 

It was also found that men with a high content of testosterone more appreciate the status, rather than strength and physical characteristics.The hormone affects exactly the perception of its status, and not the methods of its achievement. 

The conducted research once again proved the strength of the influence of hormones on people. A detailed study of these biological substances will help in the treatment and prevention of certain diseases and health problems. Also, science will advance in the treatment of certain behavioral disorders.
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