» » Some vegetables and fruits can be dangerous to health


Some vegetables and fruits can be dangerous to health

Due to the high content of pesticides, some fruits and vegetables must be restricted in use
Scientists of America from the Institute of Nutrition listed fruits and vegetables, which, if overused, can harm their health. 

As a result of the analysis, experts came to the conclusion that strawberries can have a negative impact on the human body. Due to the high content of pesticides (about 70%), this fragrant and tasty berry should be restricted in use. 

The fact is that for the control of pests and the prevention of all kinds of diseases, various chemical preparations are used. These harmful substances, which are concentrated in vegetables and fruits, can lead to negative consequences. 

Scientists say that also dangerous to the body are legumes, celery, rhubarb, lettuce, peaches, pears and mushrooms.Some of them become less toxic during heat treatment. Nutritionists also recommend before drinking soak fruits and vegetables in water for 10-15 minutes. Nevertheless, their use must be limited. With regard to zucchini and avocados - they contain the least amount of harmful substances. These products can be consumed in unlimited quantities. 

Currently, most people tend to adhere to a healthy diet. Many people prefer vegetarian food. However, in order to improve health, it is also necessary to visit the sports hall, swimming pool and more often in the fresh air.
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