» » The relationship between Alzheimer's disease and anxiety states is established


The relationship between Alzheimer's disease and anxiety states is established

According to scientists, the number of people with Alzheimer's disease is growing every year. If in 2006 there were 26.6 million such patients, then by the year 2050 the number of patients is expected to quadruple. To effectively treat this disease, it is important to recognize it at the earliest stage
For this purpose, there is a special blood test. However, it identifies the disease when cognitive impairment is already moderate. The researchers found out whether Alzheimer's disease can be recognized at the earliest stage. 

According to representatives of science, the first and early symptom of the disease is heightened anxiety. 

At the initial stage of Alzheimer's disease , sticky proteinaceous plaques are formed in the human brain, which depress the neurons. When their blood level rises, a blood test shows it. 

Increasing the number of plaques seen in human behavior - it becomes vulnerable to epressivnym state, there is a bad mood and anxiety. The listed symptoms are manifested even before the cognitive impairment. 

To obtain information, a study was conducted involving 270 elderly volunteers. Participants did not show any signs of mental pathologies or impaired cognitive abilities. The experiment lasted 5 years. 

All participants underwent testing to identify senile depression. During the experiment, scientists scanned the brain volunteers. 

Experts drew attention to low mood, anxiety and anhedonia (lost ability to enjoy). 

It turned out that with an increase in the number of plaques in the brain, the depressed state of people is increasing. If timely to recognize the alarming symptoms, you can reduce the risk of progression of the disease and prolong people's lives. 

As you know, after diagnosing the disease, the patients live on average seven years. The conducted research will help to identify the disease at the earliest stages and to stop its development.
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