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Top 10 best airports from around the world

Let's talk about the top ten best airports in the world, awarded the World Airport Awards - the most prestigious award for the aviation industry
The aviation research organization Skytrax has published an annual rating of "100 best airports in the world". 
Next, let's talk about the top ten, awarded the World Airport Awards - the most prestigious award for the industry, which is awarded following the results of the largest global survey of airport customer satisfaction. In addition, the World Airport Awards represent the world standard of airport excellence. 
1. Changi International Airport

The fourth year in a row the rank of the best airport in the world receives the Singapore Changi, awarded with the award as "The best airport for leisure". The picture shows a new terminal building, the construction of which is planned to be completed by the end of 2018. The dome complex is a unique design that will become one of the most innovative and will amaze passengers and air travelers from all over the world with its visual splendor complementing the landscape of the Changi airport.
2. Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport, located 70 kilometers from Seoul, is not only the largest aviation hub of South Korea, but also one of the largest airports in the world in terms of the volume of international air traffic and the number of operations of take-offs and landings of aircraft. The airport building has an exclusive infrastructure of amenities, including golf courses, massage rooms, sleeping rooms, casinos and conservatories.
3. Munich Airport

Munich Airport is the second in Germany, after the Frankfurt-on-Main airport, by the number of passengers served: over 9 million passengers on domestic flights.
4. Tokyo International Airport

Tokyo International Airport was originally the main airport in the Tokyo region, but today it shares this role with Narita International Airport. By passenger turnover, this is the second airport in Asia and the fourth in the world after Atlanta, O'Hara and Heathrow.
5. Hong Kong International Airport

For commercial use, the airport was opened in 1998, and since then has become an important regional cargo transportation center, passenger hub and air gateway to mainland China, East Asia and South-East Asia. Despite a relatively short history, he repeatedly won international awards as the best airport in the world.
6. The International Airport of Tube

The Japanese airport in Aichi Prefecture is a large complex of structures on an artificial island in the Bay of Ise near the city of Tokoname.
7. Airport Zurich

Commercial Airport in Switzerland is one of the busiest airports in Central Europe, the largest international airport in the country and the main transit hub of the national airline Swiss International Air Lines.
8. London Heathrow Airport

London's largest international airport is considered the second busiest airport in the world, and the first in Europe. Located west of London, its runways are oriented from west to east - planes must take off right above the city. Another peculiarity of the airport is its low location above sea level, as well as frequent fogs.
9. Kansai International Airport

The airport is a large complex of buildings built by Renzo Piano on an artificial island in the middle of the Osaka Bay near the city of Osaka, Japan. The island is specially designed to gradually dive into the sea as the subsidence and compacting of the ground, but to date, the subsidence of the island exceeded the planned by 8 centimeters. This project became the most expensive civil project after 20 years of planning, 3 years of construction and several billion dollars of investment.
10. Hamad International Airport

Civil Airport is one of two commercial airports in Qatar, located in the capital of the country Doha. Since the airport is in the desert, it is built in the form of an oasis. Most of it is decorated with waterworks, as well as tropical plants.
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