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Dangerous shaving: a ritual for real men

Having shaved with a dangerous razor for the first time, you will experience a pleasant shock: no such shaving machine will give you such smoothness. In addition, you will forget about irritation
There are traditions that are equally relevant for many centuries - they bring a special charm to our life. One such old men's rituals is shaving a dangerous razor, whose popularity is growing today, like a leap. MENs LIFE will tell you about the features and benefits of a true male accessory, and also about where to find a dangerous razor, ideal in all respects.
The history of shaving goes back thousands of years. The very first razors, found by archaeologists among the excavations, were silicon stones carefully carved by the primitive man about 30,000 years BC. And only the discovery of metal gave the means for hair removal a new spiral of development. Having gone through millions of stages of perfection, the first modern dangerous razor with a decorated handle and a hollow blade appeared - it was designed in Sheffield (England) by Benjamin Huntsman in 1740.
Still some hundred years ago shaving a dangerous razor was the daily ritual of every self-respecting man. Every morning began with him: someone was coping himself in front of the home mirror, while others hurried to the barber shop to entrust their face to an experienced barber, and at the same time to learn the latest news. Today, barbershops have replaced barbershops, whose frenzied popularity does not need additional words. But true connoisseurs of classics, proven for centuries, master the art of shaving with a sharp knife blade themselves. Of course, this occupation requires additional costs, both financial and temporary. This is a kind of meditation: to get a real pleasure from shaving, you need to sink into the process entirely.
What is the advantage of a dangerous razor?
The use of an open blade definitely has a share of romance. Yes, at first glance, a  dangerous razor  looks threatening, but it's worth it to "tame", and shaving becomes for you a beautiful and perfectly safe ritual. In addition, your second-hand skills will be appreciated by your second half: just imagine how enthusiastic and amazed she will be to watch how confidently you conduct a steel knife on your face, cutting off the stubble with surgical precision.
The quality of shaving deserves special attention. Believe me, having shaved a dangerous razor for the first time, you will experience a pleasant shock: no such shaving machine will give you such smoothness. In addition, you will forget about irritation - the sharp blade of the knife captures a much larger area and leaves the skin smooth after the first hold, so there is no need to go through one place several times.
It is not superfluous to mention the ecological compatibility: the fear does not have any details that must be regularly updated and discarded, thus polluting the environment.
What do you need for a dangerous shave?
All you need for a dangerous shave you will be offered a specialized  store for men . First of all, you will need a dangerous razor with replaceable blades: each of them has a unique sharpness and the ability to cut off hairs. Give preference to quality and do not be stingy - cheap low-quality fear will only spoil the impression of a dangerous shave, leaving irritation and cuts on your face. Also, get a brush of natural wool: he distributes the foam as evenly as possible, making the shave more smooth. In addition, you will need special creams and soaps. The most high-quality (and you need just such, since you decided to master the art of dangerous shaving), you will find in a specialized store where men's brand cosmetics are sold  . 
And, at last, remember: a dangerous shave does not tolerate haste. These fifteen minutes, held in front of a mirror with a dangerous blade in his hand, cost all sessions of psychotherapy, yoga and meditation. Surprisingly, the fact is: "fencing" with a cold metal razor will bring you peace and tranquility, relieve stress and definitely give your character more courage.
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