» » Experts: staying in space has a bad effect on the brain


Experts: staying in space has a bad effect on the brain

It turned out that outer space destructively acts on the brain - the brain begins to function worse, and the pressure - to deviate from the norm
Representatives of science conducted a study whose purpose was to find out how the finding in space affects the human body. The results have caused scientists to worry about the health of astronauts. It turned out that outer space destructively affects the brain. 

Previously, experts found that, in general, the cosmos is harmful to health , in particular, reduced vision , if you spend in weightlessness for several weeks. When there is no gravity, the brain begins to function worse , and the pressure - deviate from the norm.

A study conducted with the participation of people showed that if a person is for a long time with a bowed head, then in the upper part of the brain, a condensation may form. Over time, it can progress and displace the brain. 

The results of the experiment coincided with the data of the astronauts, which was confirmed by the information received by scientists - the cosmos destructively acts on the brain. 

This is a serious problem for space researchers, and the search for its solution continues.
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