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Effective workouts in a short time

The next three training plans will allow you to be in shape, spending only 15 minutes a day.

Time is money. Two hours spent under the bar are equal to three meetings, two business meetings and a lunch break. Unforgivable waste! The next three training plans will allow you to be in shape, spending only 15 minutes a day.


To train the abdominal muscles is not everyone likes. All these twists and lifts of the legs from the side more like aerobics of the 80's. Here are three exercises that will not only quickly turn your stomach into a work of art, but also strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle in parallel.

Under the weight of responsibility

Work: abdominal muscles, deltoid, triceps and chest.

Take an emphasis lying, putting your feet on a step-platform or a low bench. Ask a friend to carefully put on your waist is not very heavy disc from the bar - 10 kg at the time. Without bending in the back and not dropping the disc to a friend on your feet, do the maximum possible number of push-ups, staying at the bottom point for exactly 2 seconds. Do not touch the body of the floor until the end of the exercise. Do 2-3 sets.

Paralympic pull-ups

Work: the muscles of the back, abdomen and biceps.

Hang on the crossbar, grabbing it with a straight grip slightly wider than the shoulders, and bend the left leg, gracefully pulling it up with the knee to the chest. Without changing the position of the foot, make the maximum amount of pull-ups. After resting, repeat the exercise, bending the other leg. If you feel the strength - do this exercise, bending both legs at once.

Craving for beauty

Work: abdominal muscles and triceps.

Stand with your back to the top block, attaching a rope handle to it. Step away from the block for a step, bend your legs in your lap and start the brush behind the back of your head. In the initial position, keep the body straight, but starting to unbend your arms at the elbows, lean forward, rounding your back and straining your abdominal muscles. Straightening his hands in the elbows until the end, to withstand a sensitive pause and control back to the starting position. Perform 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.


When it comes to a big and beautiful breast, the first images come to mind, sung by the best porn directors of our time. But if you are interested in fast and effective breast training, these images are hardly useful. Our famous expert mike megia offers a great way to accurately load your pectoral muscles, using the sharp angles of the bench tilt


Start with a press of dumbbells on an incline bench, in a position where the head is above the hips. Do 1 set of 8-10 repetitions to failure. Rest for 10 seconds, lower the bench and make another 1 set of presses on a horizontal surface. Do not stop until you reach a failure - most likely, you will get 3-5 replicates more than on a slope. Rest for another 10 seconds, lower the bench to the back slope and do as many repeats as possible. Now you can rest for 2 minutes and repeat the drop set.

Press of dumbbells on an incline bench

Press the dumbbells, holding them over the collarbones. At the lowest point, reduce the scapula and do not allow excessive stretching of the pectoral muscles.

Dumbbell press on the horizontal bench

Put your legs much wider than your shoulders for better stability and safety exercises. Squeeze dumbbells, hold them over the middle of your chest.

Press of dumbbells on the back of an inclined bench

Do not hold your breath while doing this exercise - breathe more actively. At the upper point of the bench hold dumbbells above the lower part of the chest.

NOTE: starting from the most difficult angle of inclination and as fatigue increases, moving towards the simplest version of the exercise, you work out more muscle fibers.


Alvin Cosgrou is not only a world-famous coach, but also a Scot. And the Scottish men, like no other, realize the value of muscular legs. Try to put the kilt over the extremities resembling spaghetti - they'll laugh at the pub! The program is based on the training of professional skiers. Alvin advises doing exercises twice a week for a month.

Squats of indecisive

Put on the bar weight, with which you will overcome 6-8 repetitions of traditional deep squats. Put the bar on your back and step away from the counter. Sit down until the hips become parallel to the floor. After a short pause, start lifting up, but having straightened your legs only half, return to the gray and then straighten your legs completely. This will be considered one repetition. Make 5 exactly the same.

Iron Twist

Take a pair of light dumbbells (5-10 kg) and stand like this: legs are turned to the left under 45 °, and the body looks clearly forward. Jump up, turning the body to the right. Slightly hovering in the air, gently landed on the floor, bending his knees at the close to the right angle. Your legs should turn to the right, and the body to remain motionless. Make the maximum possible number of jumps in 15 seconds. One set is enough.

From under the cane

Put a squeegee on the floor or any relatively straight stick. Put your feet together, stand next to the mop (or the one that serves you as a substitute). Jump over it without turning the hull. Touching the feet of the opposite side of the floor, immediately push away from the ground, returning to its original position. Download this way for 15 seconds, trying to reproduce the maximum possible number of jumps. Each training increase their amount by at least 1 repetition.

NOTE: Exercises that simulate the work of the legs during downhill skiing, can increase not only the size of the hips, but also improve muscular endurance.

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