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"We smeared it with a port, then with a beer. He swam a little »

Russians solder foreigners and drink themselves. All because of football

The mundial almost reached its boiling point. Part of the fans went home after their teams, but at Nikolskaya, in the private center of the fan life, there are still a lot of Spaniards, Argentines, Mexicans and, of course, Russians. Walked down the street to find out what they are talking about in bars and around them. Briefly: Tunisians - want vodka, bars - make a fourfold cash register, beer - is, Stas - space, about lecherous Russians - throw-in.


Friday, the working day is not over yet, and the center of Moscow is buzzing. Feeling that he never stops buzzing. "Lomonosov liked to drink on Nikolskaya," says the guide of the company of people in kokoshniks. "Earlier they said that in Moscow there were only two sober cab drivers: one at the Triumphal Gates, the other at the Bolshoi Theater."

Alexander, guide and blogger: "The guides have enough work. I had three clients - two Britons and their friend, it seems, from California. For some reason they needed a cemetery in Novodevichie. I did not understand why, but it was very important for them to see the graves of Yeltsin, Prokofiev, and someone else. Hardly got there. For some reason, at that time, the guards were instructed not to let foreigners, perhaps because of the proximity to the fan zone and because of the fact that the match was going on. The British, of course, were surprised that you can keep your foot on the door and argue with the guards, when it seems like they said that the passage is closed. They have never seen this before. "

The flow of people is growing every minute. Even it is not clear what all these people were doing before the championship: street artists, guides, girls with brushes and paints, which for a moderate price are ready to decorate your cheeks with flags. Even the populist musicians are finally in a trend. If you want - Adele on a balalaika, you want - traditional ditties.

But for Russians, of course, the main show is foreigners. Stories about them can be found in every bar.

Yuri, about a year ago moved to Moscow from Voronezh: "When else will this happen?" You approach the Mexican, who has a plastic beer in his hand, and it turns out that the tequila is mixed with vodka, and he treats you to it! Tin!

And still it was, we left the concert, where our sidekick played, a little podshofe, and there was a hostel in China Town. Several foreigners were walking around, all that. In short, we met a dude from Tunisia. I do not know why we approached him. We started talking to him in broken English, and he said he wanted to drink and take a walk in the center. And we are like that - okay.

They took it, in short, and first showed the best shaurma in Moscow, then they took a beer, well, we had a port. Not "Three Axes", but more or less normal. We smeared it with a port, then with a beer. He swam a little. There, on the China city, there were still some Argentines, they discussed how they lost. There was one very upset, and we tell him, bro, so do not be upset, everything will be ok. We began to drink with him.

Four of them, I, drugan, Argentinian and Tunisian, went for a walk in the park. The Tunisian says, "Ai Vot Rasht Vodka". Know problems, bro. Come on, we bought vodka. With beer, with a throat, and Argentina's loss is already in the background. On the first - Russia is good, Russian excellent people, and that's all.

In the morning we reached Chistye Prudy. The Tunisian wanted more vodka, the Argentinian ran and shouted in Russian "I want beer, I want beer, I want beer", we are in shock. At six in the morning we did not find a bar. But found the Brazilians, then some dudes from Voronezh, talked, there was a very authoritative football analyst, of course. The Argentine left us, we with the Tunisian went to the next park ... In general, it lasted quite a long time.

Tunisia came **** (Khan). He began to cry about his work, then he vomited, he almost lost his Fan ID, we somehow dragged him to the hostel, and there before 10am went and offered everyone vodka.

Picture: some hostel in the center, some kind of Tunisian, 10 am, we are drinking in the attic. This is not forgotten. "

"Revenues are already 400 percent"

"Already, probably tired of the championship?" - Ask the cashier of one of the bars on Nikolskaya. "To be honest, yes," she replies. "But is it worth it? Revenue, probably, soared to the skies? ", - we ask. "Yes, we only opened in September, and nobody knew about us before. Now everything is going very well. "

Anna, the administrator of one of the restaurants in the center of Moscow: "All restaurants and cafes that are located near the Red Square - Nikolskaya, Tverskaya, Manezhka - made a huge profit. Somewhere four times more than in the usual summer. The demand is gigantic. They had to artificially raise prices by 30 percent to somehow fight off the flow. On top of it, we were asked not to do the cheating, but every restaurant and bar had every right to act as it sees fit. They picked up everything at all - there is beer in them or not, it does not matter, at least some croissants with coffee. 
Even before the World Cup, there were conferences, I was on them, and 90 percent of Moscow restaurants were not going to raise prices, unlike other championship cities. We held to the last, but we could not cope with the flow. With this no one can cope.

At the beginning of July, I say, the revenue was already 400 percent. And this is only half the championship. On the tip is also generally good. Although now traffic is dying, of course. Outside the boulevard ring everything is exactly and everything is as usual. Discounts, promotions, sets of fans, broadcast. There is still no big visitors.

World Cup is over and everything will be back to square one. Of course, everyone hopes for the flow of tourists and outside the championship. He's been growing from year to year, that's a fact. It will be very good if the championship spurs tourism. "

"Did not expect how many customers will be"

In the next bar, everyone is watching the broadcast of the game France - Uruguay. They are ill mainly for Uruguay. The young Frenchman is so worried at the last minutes of the match that it's time to calm him down. "Do not worry," we say to him in English. "You will be champions." Actually, why not?

"Thank you, thank you! - he says in good Russian. "I am very happy, this is happiness."

"How do you know Russian so well?"

"This is my third time in Moscow. I really love Moscow. I love my team so much, I have been rooting for them since childhood! Thank you! Thank you! "The boy's emotions are just over the edge. His team wins.

Cyril, PR man: "This is generally the best thing that happened in Russia, the best that has been with Moscow recently! So many tourists, fans. It should, I hope, turn into a normal tourist flow, it would be very, very good. I'm actually not a fan at all, and the only match I've watched - and thank God! - this is Russia - Spain. It was cool! As they say, the appetite comes with eating. Now we need to watch all the other matches. 
People, of course, the sea. There was a story that the fans drank all the beer in the bars. I'm generally a PR man of the brewing company, and we were very surprised when even our foreign partners started sending us links to publications in publications such as the British The Telegraphand others, began to ask - what kind of situation? In fact, at the very beginning, there was a little confusion in the bars, because they did not expect how many customers there would be. We for our part quickly rebuilt, and from our factory in Mytischi beer again went. A day or two it took.

But the sediment remained, we even held a press tour. This is called barhopping - jogging on bars. We invited representatives of foreign media, but for some reason they did not respond.

Indeed, the straits are huge. Bars make very good money. We have not considered it yet, but in some concrete bars, beer is drunk several dozen times more than in a regular weekend. I hope that the tourist flow will be after the championship. "

"Stunning Latinos"

A special genre in every institution and at every table is the bar analyst. Well, our play! As never before! Or not?

Alexander, aitshnik and the fan with the experience: "Well, okay? By force. Everything is relative. A very large share of luck. They, of course, are very well prepared physically, and at home a great mood. The coach did a good job. Stas is generally just a cosmos, and this must be understood first! Very many teams have arrived, and play as if in vain, on the cotton feet, slowly 
move, blown away during the championship. The same Spain.

Ours is clearly set the game, there is a clear picture, secret exits from the defense to the attack and so on. Very simple game, but it works the same.

We do not play cosmos, but we are worthy. Here with the Spaniards received a little bit of luck, and passed. And in the group what? Well, Uruguay lost, but otherwise our level, it seems to me, is higher than Egypt, and even more so above Saudi Arabia.

So if you remember 2008, when it was "I'm going to finish everything now," and we took Holland, in terms of the game we really were space. Today's our team is practical, but it plays without any interesting drawing. And that team played oh-re-nen-no. In that one everything was quite different, they played live, played the attack, did not dug in, they drafted and bombed. Team Hiddink was a head taller, in the prime of life was Arshavin, Zhirkov and others.

In this team, too, there are strong players. They say that Golovin will certainly go to Chelsea.

Now, if they were left without Dziuba, everything could end in another way. And they could not have taken him! This is a fairly well-known story: he seems to have quarreled with the coach of Zenit Mancini, Zenit bought Zabolotny himself, and Dzyubinho remained practically on the bench. And he had to play. So he moved to Arsenal, but not to English, but to Tula. In Tula! The whole team was for him, and he was tearing and throwing metal, so that the public got upset and told Cherchesov - yes, take the guy to the national team! Look how you score! Cherchesov was not going to take it from the beginning. Well, lucky, of course, that Kokorin broke down.

And in terms of emotions, if we compare 2008 and 2018, now everything is much steeper. Teams are more than double than the Euro, more stages, there are amazing Latinos, fans of which, well, just a real decoration of each championship. And, of course, the fact that this happens at home is incredibly cool. "


Evening is in full swing, Nikolskaya flows and bubbles. Dozens of journalists and film crews work on the street. Many look tired. Probably, they have already tried all formats and calls, but the editorial staff needs new stories. A long-legged reporter with a tricolor scarf notices the guy in the kokoshnik and decides that this is her hero.

"Say a few words!" The guy shakes his head and does not want to go to the TV. The argument goes: "Please, please, please, please!" He agrees. The question is about Russian girls, who seem to be given to foreigners. "I think they should [.........]", the guy says, and utters the last word without sound, covering his mouth with his hand, so that you can not read this analogue of the word "behind" on your lips. The reporter girl almost jumps for joy - this is what she needed, and it is not necessary to jam the mate during the installation. Chic. 
The bars also have a lot of talk about our girls and not our guys.

Alexander, the manager of the middle level (lucky to Alexandrov today) : "I think that this happens in all the championships. This phenomenon is social, this phenomenon is global. It's just new for us, it's our braces shaken, but in all the Olympics, championships, such a hundred poods, there is and is thriving.

Wherever such massive events are taking place, Tinder's traffic grows 15-20 times! This is Tinder's data, I'm serious. Fuck knows, true or not.

But let's start with the fact that there is nothing special about this. Both girls and boys want international experience. In fact, there is a very high probability that our foreigner males are also perfectly shaved, they just do not talk about it. Straps work in one direction. Sexism, bitch, at the level of the clip! These dudes, who most of all yelp "A-ah, our girls are chpokayut!" - they are losers, ***! This is socorarhavinism! In! In the animal world, the strongest, the most attractive, survive. A person lives by the same rules as animals, and the female wants the most fucked male, and including fucking lies in the fact that he is the most different from Vasya from the neighboring entrance! That he is Jose on the other side of the Earth at all.

And on the other hand, when you look at the women who are inflated by the botox, who are the first to eat, I, for example, are least interested in who they are and what they are. The most normal girls will stay with us.

In general, it seems very likely that those who say that it is all produced are right. There are also tense social moments, and so that people do not pay attention to these moments, the focus is specially translated. Most likely, they knew about this in advance, it was worked out in advance: what phenomena will be, how this can be used. We have a very rich experience of persecution of people, a very rich tradition of the destruction of a person by society, the tradition of devouring it. It all starts with grandmothers at the entrance and sort of like harmless jokes like "the whore went, and this drug addict." 
And what about this? To do nothing. Neither me nor us. Do not take this problem seriously, we must take it as a throw-in, like a fake. All this is farfetched shit.

"I do not know how to look bad in the championship," says the uninvited guy. - Cool, so many people. They recognized us. We recognized them. We learned a lot about ourselves. "

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